Vintage Leica: Value, Sell?

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  1. I have a vintage Leica and wondering of its value, and, if I choose to sell it, what is the best method? See photos. The serial number is 543829. Not sure what the model number is, does anyone know? I have used it and it works fine. Thanks much! DSC_0511.jpg DSC_0515.jpg DSC_0516.jpg DSC_0519.jpg DSC_0520.jpg DSC_0523.jpg DSC_0525.jpg
  2. Early (1951) Leica IIIf (black dial) with 3.5/5cm Elmar, and Leica VIOOH universal viewfinder.
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    If you go to eBay and do an Advanced Search, then check "Sold Listings," you should be able to get some idea of the current value of these items.

    The website CollectiBlend also lists values of various vintage cameras, though some of their information is out-of-date.
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    Take lots of good, clear photos (you can use 12 without xtra fees on Ebay). Accurately describ eany repair history, defects (such as rangefinder not working properly, shutter speeds off, dents, dings, worn areas, any haze, scratches, cleaning marks on the lens, is focus smooth, diaphragm blades clean and easily open and close fully, etc). And price it reasonably.
  5. If the above is right, and I always have a hard time with Leica:

    Leitz: Leica IIIf (black dial) Price Guide: estimate a camera value

    which says $420 to $440 and high reliability for average condition.

    viewfinder is extra, and I don't know that at all.

    Those uncertainties listed above will decrease the value, unless you can show that they aren't there.

    You should at least make sure that it goes at all shutter speeds, and the sounds are about right.
    (You can time close to 1s by ear, and then be sure that successive speeds sound faster.)

    I usually bid low, not knowing how accurate the descriptions are. One to watch out for
    is shutter pinholes. (If you use the camera enough, you would know this.)
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