Venue Restrictions (and not on a "pass")

Discussion in 'Sports' started by craig_gillette, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. Taken as a whole, is this over the top? Obviously this is meant to
    apply to the public and not accredited media reps but the Home Depot
    Center is not just the arenas, it's the soccer practice fields, etc.,
    used by youth soccer leagues, etc. At least it doesn't say "black"


    Unless otherwise specified by the teams and/or event
    officials/management, guests may not bring professional photographic
    equipment in to the facility.

    Guests are also prohibited from engaging in commercial photography of
    any kind without the prior approval of The Home Depot Center

    The following is a partial list of the prohibited camera equipment:

    Flash photography, Monopods or tripods, Cameras with interchangeable
    lenses, Cameras with lenses greater than 3 ? inches in length

    Teams and/or event officials/management may have additional rules
    further restricting or prohibiting photography.


    Unless otherwise specified by teams and/or event
    officials/management, guests may not bring any types of audio / video
    recording devices in to the facility. These devices include, but are
    not limited to, video camcorders, audio recording devices, etc.

    OK, so recognizing the rights of the owners, the reasoning that you
    not disturb other customers, and the "rights" of the various
    organizations, entertainers, etc., (and you may want to check out the
    other "policies," is this over the top and have you found this kind
    of policy strictly enforced, marginally enforced, ignored at venues
    near you?
  2. Have you thought about askingthem why they have such tight restrictions? contacxt all
    ofthe photographers you know in your area and try and getthem to ask the question to,
    organize it so the questions come in waves. If the facility is city owned ask at the next city
    council meeting.
  3. No, it's not over the top. It pretty much falls in line with just about every venue I've
    shot at. The artist or team want to strickly control images, so it makes sense that the
    venue has these restrictions.
  4. Fans can't bring an slr to a soccer game?
  5. A little over the top if you ask me.

    I've taken my Digital SLR's to Major League Baseball games in Chicago and Dallas/Fort Worth without any restrictions other than the bag size they let through the front gate, which allows me to carry both the camera and two big zooms. I've even been allowed into American Airlines Center in Dallas for National Hockey League games. If pro league organizations allow that much access someone's being a little too careful for youth sports.

    Home Depot must have their name painted on everything and not want it photographed.

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