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  1. Thanks in advance! My frustrating dilemma is this:
    I have created a logo in both microsoft expression web and illustrator. The logo looks perfectly smooth in both programs, even zoomed all the way in (which is the point of vector, right?). However, when I try to save the image in png form or jpeg, it looks pixelated again-- even when exporting from expression web to another vector program such as illustrator. In other words, I zoom in and get jaggies, even though the original image in the program is flawless.
    I did do autotrace on the image in illustrator. Not sure if that's related. The image looks fine until I save it and look at it. Any ideas?
  2. When you save your vector art as a JPEG or PNG, you are converting it to a bit-map, which naturally gets the jaggies when you zoom in.
    If you want to use vector art, your output format must remain vector, such as Encapsulated Postscript (.eps).
  3. CHAS-- THANKS! I will research this some more. You have pointed me in the right direction.
  4. Also, to avoid the jaggies, export to the graphic in the size you're going to use it for. This will help. You don't say why you're exporting it. What else are you going to use it on that needs a raster file?
  5. I was going to use the logo on a website, and then blow it up for T-shirts and coffee mugs. Thanks for your help, Rich.
  6. T-shirts and coffee mugs might be able to use the vector art directly. Browsers can't see vector art, only bit maps.
    Rich is right, for the website, export the bit-map in exactly the size it will be seen. No one is going to zoom in on a website logo. You'll be fine.
    Check with your T-shirt/mug vendor to see what file formats they accept. Cafe Press, for example accepts only bit maps (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD), others may vary.
  7. For the web, you export the graphic in the final size you'd like it on the screen at 95 ppi. Then do different exports at larger size and possibly higher resolution for the other applications.
  8. @Peter, DPI has no bearing on files, it is only applicable in printing. Setting your JPEG to 95 or 72 dpi has absolutely NO effect on the appearance in a browser or viewer.
  9. ... It does beat my wits silly on why people still insist on designing graphics with illustrator huh! Wake up & smell the COFFEE!! for heavens sake... we got Adobe tools now :-\

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