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  1. I use ExFAT format only for thumb drives I use for transmittals. That way it doesn't matter if the customer uses Windows or OS. True, Paragon NTFS is not free, but $20 for a utility I use daily is worth the cost. Paragon has the funds to update and upgrade the product from time to time, rather than relying on volunteers who work without critical oversight. They have also responded to various issues, which I was able to document thoroughly by following their instructions.

    I use ExFAT for file transfer. None of my devices which use CF or SD cards are compatible with ExFAT , HPS, or NTFS.
  2. Does anyone else encountered this. With the latest update 10.13.2 (not the full High Sierra update just the latest small update from High Sierra) that I did last week it happened a few times when waking up from sleep mode that Lightroom has shut down (showing the message when an app unexpectedly shuts down) when it was left open before going into sleep mode. This also happened with Pixelmator.
  3. My Photoshop CS5 always does this with High Sierra but Pixelmator does not. Perhaps repairing your disk with Disk Utility will fix Pixelmator?
  4. I still have not upgraded to HS, but I did run into a glitch in LR6.14 after seemingly migrating fine to the new machine. It refused to find my catalogs in their usual location---that being on an external drive where I keep all image files. They, images and catalogs, were there and no matter what tricks I used to point LR in the proper direction, it still balked. Did the permissions thing, other stuff...no joy.
    I found a suggestion online to move/copy the catalog file folder to the local hard drive and that worked. No one really had an explanation for why, but reported they did that and all was rosy.

    After that episode and a subsequent crash that required re-installing the OS (which went fine and lost no data or settings), I felt my pioneering urge to migrate up to HS slip away a bit, for the time being.
  5. Upgraded 2 Macbook Airs with High Sierra, and the Epson wireless printing functionality broke. Needed to reinstall the printer with a dedicated IP address. Lost wireless scanning recognition with Epson Scan, haven't found a solution to that problem. Both of these problems are reported by other users. Epson seems to not have released a full suite of drivers compatible with HS for all products.
  6. Steinberg Nuendo (sound editing) is not yet fully compatible. Any program on which you rely must be fully compliant before making the jump. It was months before Adobe Premiere Pro worked with Sierra, but I blindly upgraded a new iMac, and there is no going back once that is done. This time around, Adobe seems to be safe. The short update cycle of subscription products (and consistent cash flow) is probably a major factor.

    I suspect that changing the disk file system will have issues that will take a long time to shake out. The most serious issues raised in this thread seem to confirm that opinion. For a variety of reasons, most of my external drives are formatted in NTFS, and only drives like Time Machine are HFS+. That may change as I rely more on OS X, bur for now my backup is an aging HP Xeon work station. I get data transfer rates of 300-500 MB/s, so speed and compatibility with NTFS is not a problem.

    Don't assume, verify!
  7. Actually, a couple of minor NIK features don't work, but most do. I have older machines still at earlier OSs in case I really need them...
  8. I put High Sierra on my parent's 2009 iMacs and the older version of Office they were using made the iMacs go "tilt." Not compatible.

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