Unscrambling the Flash Mess

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by marc_bergman|1, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. This was in the November 1968 issue of Modern Photography magazine.

    Flash Mess 1 sm 2
  2. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.

    Agfa 1 sm 2
  3. Thanks muchly.
  4. Marc, thanks a lot for these excellent posts and for your scan site.

    I am old enough to remember using flash bulbs and even flashcubes, and of course getting my fingers burned as well. But I never attempted a No. 11 - that blast must have been something to behold.

    It seems that buying cameras abroad was not that simple 50 years ago; that article may be a shock to today's seasoned Internet buyers. Would Customs really look at the brand of your camera?
  5. Thanks, Marc, I'm slowly catching up with your latest series of posts! I found the "Buying abroad" article really interesting as I have many of the same situations with modern importations. The Kowa Six test was interesting; years ago I was very nearly persuaded to invest in the system, but with the wisdom of hindsight I'm rather glad I didn't...

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