Torquay & Dartmouth with an Olympus Mju II

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by robert_chadwick, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Hi, Here are a few shots with my Olympus Mju 2, when in Torquay Devon a couple of weeks ago, Film was Fuji Superia 200
  2. Here is Torquay
  3. Torquay again
  4. Lobster?Crab Pots
  5. This was the last shot on the roll, as the camera started to rewind a seagull swooped down and pinched my ice cream from out of my hand, my wife fell over laughing, literally 10 secs after this picture was taken I had no ice cream in my hand.
  6. Last one Torquay - English Riveria
  7. Robert,
    I hope the local authorties did not cite you for "feeding the wildlife?"
    Great photos.
  8. That camera has a lovely little lens. Shame they still fetch a fair bit on fleabay. Enjoy.
  9. Mju II? Is this the same camera as the Stylus Epic? If so, you've got a great little pocket camera. I have the Stylus Epic and it's a real sharp picture taker. Great photos, and thanks for posting.
  10. Yeah, one of my favourites...I've resisted the urge to post Mju II pics on this forum as I don't know whether the camera quite fits into the "Classic Manual Camera" catergory with it's AF and all the automated functions, but I find the quality of it's pics compete well with the rangefinder XA. It's hard to fault these images, Robert; I particularly like the colourful foreground and monochrome background in "Torquay Quayside". Nice post; thanks.
  11. A Mju II doesn't even qualify as any old junk.
    Some nice pictures, Robert. But (i'm just curious, in the context of the ongoing discussion about what - if anything - "Classic" means over here) what made you post them in the Classic camera forum?
  12. Okay, the Mju II was one of last fast lens, single focal length P&S cameras. Or call it a precision pocketable at a bargain
  13. Nice pics, Robert. Here is a bit of justification for it being 'Classic'
    skip over the bit where it says it s fully automatic and look at th blurb further down. ....'a classic 35mm compact camera' :)
  14. Nice shots Robert, the "Quayside" and "Fishing Stuff" ones have a nice mix of bright and dull colours to them. But the first one of the beached boats takes the cake (or the ice cream cone if you prefer)!
  15. Hi all, Thanks for the comments, I too was unsure as to whether or not the Mju 2 was really eligible for posting in this forum, but I thought what the heck lets post, I love seeing other peoples pictures, especially from film classics either rangefinder or auto focus, the lens still has to be focussed one way or another by someones eye or by electronic gismo, and at my age auto focus is way faster than me racking backwards and forwards peering through a little viewfinder. I think more of the auto P &S film cameras will be come the new classics, I dont think this site has a forum for Auto all P&S which is a great shame as probably a lot of members have at least one in their collection.
  16. IMHO, if you hold it in your hand it's manual. Would Auto all cover cameras with manual set ISO speeds or must they be DX only? How about a plastic camera with auto exposure but scale focus? Or crank film advance (not motorized)?
  17. The Stylus is about the least manual camera there is, so it doesn't fit the name of the forum, but it does look as though anything is now considered a "classic".
    Perhaps the forum should actually be called "Film and classic cameras"? Not getting at the OP by the way - nice shots.

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