TMAX films discontinued in 120

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  1. I will call to confirm this tomorrow, but I got info from a big lab in
    Vancouver BC that TMAX 120 films (both 100 and 400) have been discontinued. I
    assume this happened in October last year when they also killed the UC films in
    120. I'll get back on this. This does not effect 35mm as far as I know.
  2. Kodak who ? I only support Ilford and Fuji now. Kodak, does not really care about consumers. Is it not obvious by now that kodak only goal is to please stockholders.
  3. db1


    Scott, please let us know as soon as you find out.
  4. While Im at it Im going to ask if TX 400 is still being made in 120. I would expect that to be killed too, but Im hoping it isn't. TX 400 is my favorite B&W 400 speed film.
  5. I couldn't find anything on the Kodak site about this. B&H still shows them "in stock and available".
  6. Dont trust the website. It often is not updated with new info on changes. As per the TMAX films, I'll confirm whether this info is true or not tomorrow. My original source is a lab and not a store chain or Kodak.
  7. Why do you think that a big lab in Vancouver BC is a reliable source of information about Kodak film manufacturing plans?
  8. Im not saying they are reliable, hence my comment saying Im confirming this tomorrow. They were the ones that tipped me to this since they tried to order this from Kodak and couldnt any longer.
  9. Frankly, with Kodak's "we won't say 'til we fvcking run out" policy, the kid at the 1-hour photo is a more reliable source of information.

    Thanks for being straight with your consumer base Kodak. We appreciate it!
  10. Well Im hardly a kid at 37, but yes Kodak should have been more forthcoming with this info. Im also aware the UC films have been killed off. I just cringe at what other films are gone we yet are not aware of.
  11. I've heard a number of reports like this when a lab or shop decides to stop carrying a certain film - they tell their customers that it has been discontinued as a reason to either get them to buy what they will stock, or just because the person at the counter misunderstood or was misinformed. I would counsel patience here until someone at Kodak can confirm the report.

    - Randy
  12. TMAX is largely a studio film. How many studios shoot film B&W?

    I just hope that Tri-X and Plus-X are not discontinued... before I can by 1,000 rolls of each,
    that is. Maybe that time is now.
  13. "How many studios shoot film B&W?"

    I do.
  14. 1st Scott, why don't you call first, before posting such statement?

    2nd Killed UC 100 & 400 in 120 last October? Why does the Kodak website still list the film as available in 5PK's?


    3rd Scott, do you really think that Kodak will discontinue a film such as TMX, TMY, PX or TX without telling people first that they'd do so? For instance, how many months notice did we have that Kodak was getting out of traditional B&W paper? Someone please remind me, was it about 6 months to a year?
  15. Stephen- I jumped the gun when I posted this. I was in the process of calling Kodak at the time and their call center just closed.

    Secondly its been confirmed that 100UC and 400UC was discontinued last October in 120 rolls. Kodak confirmed this when called, but they never posted a release on this. These films are now out of stock in the warehouse and many stores have been out of stock for a while now. Yet no announcement by Kodak. I read Kodak laid off their web person in charge of posting these announcements.

    Third- read second. Kodak still lists the films they killed late last year, yet they also confirmed they were killed off when asked. I can only guess what other products are no longer available that we do not know about.
  16. I have only started to enjoy using 120 film in SLR cameras in the last few years. Whether you are talking about slide film or 220 film or 120 film, anything used heavily by professionals is going first. These are the people who switched to digital equipment earliest. There must be very few amateurs shooting roll film and even fewer shooting b&w roll film. I am not optimistic about Kodak's future in film or anything else. I will enjoy using medium format equipment for as long as I can. 35mm stock should be around a while longer because so many people still have the equipment for it. Not long from now I expect to be shooting most color stuff with a digital camera and most b&w stuff on film. This will work as long as my supply of b&w film holds out and as long as paper is still made.
  17. I'll add that all the retail stores that have this film have stock on it, so there is a good chance this film is not discontinued. I'll see what Kodak says.
  18. Looks like, you're correct on the UC in 120. Adorama and BHphoto doesn't list the film on their website.

    I have found it listed at my local lab They still list the UC100 & UC400 in 120 as available in the Pro 5PK.

    Naughty Kodak. If true, we count on you for telling us what's available and soon to be unavailable, so that we, the buying public can plan accordingly.

    Sorry about the UC Scott, but please, if the TMX & TMY holds to be ture or not true, please hold off until the facts are in. With today's climate, gossip, scandals and falsehoods spread faster than the truth.


    PS: When available, provide an official company link that states the fact.
  19. Thanks Stephen-

    I'll refrain from advanced postings before I can confirm by calling Kodak to get info. I seemed to have pissed off a couple of people on APUG with this same posting. I wont do that again.
  20. Yeah, but thanks to Scott, I was able to put in a call to my Kodak dealer and hopefull score
    some of the remaining rolls of UC still upstream. It does help to sound the alarm, even tho' it
    may seem like rumors, to those of us who use it on a professional basis and need to obtain
    as much of the film as possible, as soon as possible. I don't use a lot of Tmax, but Tmax 100
    is one that I've recently found a few good looks in 35mm and I would need to stock up on it
    in 120, so the heads up now makes the difference. Thanks Scott.
  21. Ok. Before I make an ass out of myself any further, I'll call Kodak to get info. Maybe they'll be nice enough to tell me about other films too. The UC one made sense since the Portra films are similar in look. If TMAX is gone I would suspect because Tri-X sells better. Now this phone call seems more important then before.
  22. Another scare rumor...he started a thread like this on APUG as well.

    Until it comes from the horse's mouth, don't listen to guys like this...don't you have anything better to do?
  23. They will love this over at APUG - those guys hate Kodak as much as digital. Seems to be an
    Ilford only shop from what I have seen.
  24. It's a good thing no one on this site ever bad mouths Kodak...

    - R
  25. Well I got the info from Kodak. Looks like the lab was mistaken (and me for listenning). TMAX was discontinued only in 220 and the catalog numbers were changed for the 120 rolls. Sorry about this guys. I wont report news again till I confirm with Kodak.
  26. Thanks for the update Scott. I think we've all been caught off guard before.

    I for one, no longer support Kodak ever since they discontinued Tech favorite B&W film. I know primarily use Ilford for B&W & Fuji for all color work.
  27. Yup, thanks for the heads up Scott. Rumor or not, it's worth being aware of. Having switched mainly to Ilford films, I'm a little worried about how to get XTOL and some other Kodak products that I like--without having to mix them from scratch that is.
  28. When was TMX available in 220?
  29. I didn't know there was a 220 either, but the guy on the phone said it was discontinued. Anyway all is as it was before. I asked about 4x5 and he said thats still on the list too.
  30. Oh Paul- yes no one should have listenned to me until I could confirm with Kodak what the deal was. My mistake. As per the post on APUG, it looks like it was deleted or moved to a forum I cannot access.
  31. Scott,

    It isn't that we don't appreciate your efforts to keep us informed, but can you please make at least SOME attempt to confirm your information before posting this sort of information?

    Btw, I have used a web archiving search engine and confirm that Kodak never offered TMAX in 220 as long as their has been a World Wide Web because it has never been listed on their Web site.
  32. Stephen,

    In Scott's defense...

    The amount of notice given the B&W paper announcement was exceptional for the very simple reason that the discontinuation of the production of B&W paper at Kodak resulted in the closure of their Brazilian coating facility. Since there was a charge associated with the termination of operations that impacted earnings for the following quarter - Kodak was obligated to make that announcement as soon as possible in order that the effects be known.

    While I do believe that Kodak hasn't been all that bad with announcements of product discontinuation - I would not necessarily assume that the degree of notice associated with the discontinuation of B&W paper manufacture will be theor norm. As mentioned above, there were special circumstances surrounding that announcement.

    I do agree that "qualifying the lead" before posting, however, is in all our interests.
  33. Well I did try to call, but I'd thought I'd post anyway. Turned out to be a mistake I wont make again. I just assumed the lab knew what they were talking about.
  34. Since you seem to have a talent at bringing back film from the dead, Scott ;) -- can you ask Kodak to revive Plus-X in 4x5?
  35. Sure- I have some Plus X 4x5 in my freezer, hows that? :p

    Im not kidding either. I just haven't got around to using it yet.
  36. Oh dear, gotta ask this: what's a UC film?
  37. UC=Ultra Color. 100UC and 400UC are Kodaks highest contrast and highest saturation color neg films.
  38. With the facility of the internet, it's possible to get to the facts very quickly. Use it.

    And I suggest that everyone should stock up as much as possible with favourite films, freeze it down or whatever. But then keep buying it as you use it, so that you build a reserve, that will keep you going until you get used to alternatives, should the need arise. Sort of like using and replennishing supplies in an emergerncy shelter.
  39. haha i just find it funny (although true) how one of you likened the shortages on film to
    the end of the world.
  40. Zach,
    Don't you know- according to one book, the start of the end of the world is next year!

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