The Puppy Onslaught -- it begins!

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  1. Drove out and picked up our new friend -- and got a few pictures in North Dakota along the way. First of many, our fearless little Red Lab Chili Pepper -- already on the way to being as spoiled as the other two.
    DSC_6532 (1000x668).jpg DSC_6538 (666x1000).jpg DSC_6547 (1000x668).jpg DSC_6549 (1000x668).jpg
  2. A friend of mine just picked up his new Corgi, destined to become a store greeter.
  3. Corgis are tough little guys, and usually quite charming!
  4. Adorable pup Sandy, hope the others welcome him too
  5. Here's our rescue pup Petey just after he joined us - DSC_7064ax1000.JPG
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  6. We're running 50/50 right now. The Rhodesian is really starting to be a buddy / model,our lab is kind of a grouchy old guy, he doesn't even like our Son's dog, his first cousin from the same breeder. We are right on top of it and expect it will work out. We've introduced puppies several times over the years, of course, it is different every time.
  7. We have had several Red Labs -- technically they are classed as Yellow. The breeder is great, Sheyenne Retrievers in North Dakota. Probably be a better plan to visit them -- glad to share their Email! :D
  8. Traveling to Seattle from NYC to train in the 70's, an instructor, the first real cowboy I had ever met, gave us some advice we laughed at then, but his words definitely ring true with some living under my belt. He said "all a man needs to be happy is a good dog and a red pickup truck." I have the red truck and perhaps should cease any search for the next ex wife and get a good dog. The dog won't complain about buying photo gear.
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  9. My first & only wife encourages my photo obsession. Had my first Lab when I was single, though it didn't seem to harm him, he spent a lot of time by himself. When he passed, I didn't get another till I was married and had better options for care. Now it isn't an issue, kennel, lots of space and home most of the time. A person with their own business - a Lab is a great choice as they like nearly everyone, especially children. As to the truck, color is a matter of choice!
  10. My late wife left me and my daughter a huge Labrador Retriever to keep us company some 15 years ago. Now five years on I am the sole companion for my new "Siberian Retriever" (a fancy name for a Labrador-Husky mix).

    Here she was back in April when she joined me
    She now is approaching 60+ pounds (age 9 months), and you'd be darned lucky not to have seen this picture before
    Loki encounters an old friend
  11. This little guy (White Toes) was relaxing at the B&B I stayed at in Venezuela. It belonged to one of the (squeeze huggable) stray dogs also hanging around there.

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  12. It continues -- the fearless flying puppy vs. Rhodesian pal.
    DSC_3877 (1000x666).jpg DSC_3885 (1000x666).jpg DSC_3871 (1000x666).jpg
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  13. Unconditional love, Sandy.

    What more could you ask.
  14. Ps

    Your photos are not really SHARP.....but does it matter. No.
  15. Bea puppy among flowers s.jpg
    Our Schnauzer Beatrix as a puppy. She is now eight years old, and has been the subject of hundreds of photographs, some of which I have shared on PNet. I am sure that we can look forward to many of your dog photos on this site, as well, Sandy.
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  16. Probably to the point of boredom -- I do dearly love my pups, whatever age.
  17. The flying puppy is great (I'm seeing it photoshopped against the sky in a sort of iconic pop art style).
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