The FTBn Ruined It For Me

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  1. After using my new/old FTBn for the first few times I went back to the A-1 and it wasn't fun anymore. The A-1 practically did all of the work. The FTBn gave more feedback and control. Exposure compensation was a breeze.You can do the same things with the A-1 but it doesn't show you analog trends when changing aperture and shutter speed. Even the AE-1 and my new/old Pentax Spotmatic SP were boring. Now I can actually appreciate the big fuss that folks have had over the F-1 all these years. You really can teach an old dog new tricks.
  2. So when are you getting your F1 ?????
  3. The FTb is one of the great Canon SLR's. It was my first 35mm SLR that I bought brand-new back in 1971. Automation has its place, but being able to meter what you want, select the aperture/shutter speed you want, gives you ultimate control over the picture. Simple picture taking at its best.
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  4. LOL

    I KNOW what you mean. I started on a Canon FT (predecessor to the FTbn) and even though I was excited to buy and use my new EF, I was quickly disappointed and within two months, went out and bought an F-1n. Back in 1979, they were both about $400; a painful lesson...

    It appears you have discovered the answer to your "averaging vs. 12% spot metering" question from your earlier thread. :) I didn't say anything in that thread because I figured you'd either get it or not. And you got it...

    Here's a tip I learned long ago. To use the 12% spot like a center averaging meter, hold your palm out in the same light as your subject, at about a 45° angle. Fill the meter rectangle with your palm and then, open up one f-stop. You need to open up because your palm reflects about 35% light while the meter is calibrated for 18%. Now, as long as your subject is in that light, your exposure should be correct. If your subject moves to a different lighting situation (shadow, indoors, backlighting, etc.), re-meter on your palm, approximating the light. I always get quizzical looks and questions when I am out shooting and using this technique.

    Enjoy your FTbn and your soon-to--be-purchased New F-1!
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  5. All: If I ever acquire another camera it will be in the following order of preference: 1. Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, 2. Pentax 67 Pro II and 3. F1n. A mint condition Mamiya with a wide angle and normal lens is now quite expensive but at this point in life that doesn't bother me. The Pentax is currently unobtainium. The F1 would be fun but the FTB covers most of the same bases already.

    Too much of a good thing doesn't always work. Back in my shooting days a friend used to say: "beware of the man with only one gun." The same thing applies to vehicles. My wife and I own four cars and two pickup trucks. When switching around between driving them we have to learn them all over again for the first couple of miles. One of my favorite quotes however was by the late great Mae West: "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful." But I don't think she was referring to photography.

    Steven: Your technique sounds interesting. I'll try it.
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  6. Ftbn was my first SLR camera (1980's) used it for years loved it.. Now have an F1 New with winder and AE finder. Cracking camera tho still more biased towards medium format with my RB67 Pro S, a Bronica SQA and a rather lovely red lizard skin Mamiya C33. Oh and a Canon A1 as well. Not enough arms.
  7. laurencecochrane: The RB67 Pro S would be on my list but they are older than the RZ so condition comes into play. If a truly "like new" one with standard and wide angle lenses came along I would be desperate to own it.

    I want to use the FTB et al more but smoke from the fires to the west (I'm in the foothills on the east side of the Rockies) have made landscape photography a non-starter. I'm lousy at street and people images so the cameras are just waiting.
  8. RB's are as tough as an old anvil. Yes they do weigh about the same too.. I have 1 electronic MF The Bronica SQA. Electronics DO CAUSE PROBLEMS. I know this. Can old electronic cameras like the RZ or SQA be fixed USUALLY NOT.
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