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  2. I have always loved Autochromes, but they were NOT the "first color photographs". That honor belongs to the Hillotype process. There were also cameras that exposed b/w film through RGB filters, making three negs that could be used to produce finished color prints. Technicolor worked that way later on. The Lumiere Authchrome was the fist widespread, commercially available color.
  3. Reminds me of the old hand painted Melies film......
  4. see WIKI on this at (Color photography - Wikipedia)

    On the surprising success of the first three-color image -- of a tartan ribbon (1861):
    Tartan_Ribbon.jpg Public domain image
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  5. Fantastic, I had seen only snippets before. This obviously had great impact on later film-

    The faculty scene in Horse Feathers, for example.
    The hominids in 2001: A Space Odyssey for another. :p
  6. Drawing I made from a picture in a book.jpg I have a boxed set of all of his work on DVD.
    When I was in grade school the teacher wanted us to do a poster on the space program.
    I did a drawing from a science supplement that had this picture, and I added the "NASA" logo on the "rocket".
    She told me that wasn't what she had in mind but was amused, and made me bring in the reference I had used for a guide.
    The image has fascinated me since childhood but only later in life did I discover its origin.
    Here is an old photo of the drawing I made all this years ago....

    I expect you might enjoy this.....
    Hugo (film) - Wikipedia
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  7. From the link above:

    "When started, the machine draws out a scene that Hugo recognizes from his father's description of the film A Trip to the Moon. Isabelle identifies the signature, that of a "Georges Méliès", as her godfather. She sneaks Hugo into her home, where they find a hidden cache of more imaginative drawings of Méliès....."
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    "There you go again"
  9. Seems like those who experimented and then invented the first color photos paved the way for Callahan and Eggleston to pursue their photographic visions in color. These photos are artifacts of photographic history. People have every reason to care about historical artifacts.

    [Tongue-in-cheek on]Let's not forget, though, that color photography, like Photoshop today, was the demise of photography as we know it! Oh . . . but . . . wait! :)
  10. index.jpg
  11. The only problem is, that wasn't truth.
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  12. This is like saying, 'who cares about the first man in space, lets talk about space walks and space tourism'.
    First in any field is significant and worthwhile to discuss. Works of Eggleston and others won't make complete sense unless contrasted with the first and subsequent attempts in color photography.
  13. Denial of the conveyance of feeling and mood using color in Sandy's accompanying photos speaks volumes.
    Especially when the context of the source of that denial is considered.
  14. The truth, the absolute irrefutable fact is the Pyramid does not exist at all without its first stone.
    That is the fallacy of the trolling premise.......
    Trolling is the most reasonable explanation for such an obviously flawed position being put forward.
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  15. Meaning that we are not drinking that heavily at the moment to have flow and synergy with your mind.
  16. You are saying all untrue things and claiming they are true. Thats untruth doubled up.

    If you want to discuss the conveyance of mood and emotions through color, why not start another thread. I would be happy to read your thoughts there and contribute. Why come to somebody else's discussion and veer things off-topic.
  17. 'Nuff said.....

    "flow and synergy"
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    As are your posts to this thread which have no relationship to the original subject. Please have the courtesy to stay on theme or start your own threads.
  19. I’m halfway through my popcorn.

    Eggleston is one of my favorite photographers. Amazing color, especially when I’ve seen the prints themselves.

    This thread was about the first color prints. They have value in themselves. “Who cares?” is not a statement of truth. It’s a statement of opinion. I find it an absurd thing to say, but it’s fine to say it. Saying something like that will naturally garner a strongly negative reaction. That negative reaction should come as no surprise. It’s an understandably negative response to intentionally provocative negativity, often known as trolling.
  20. I never knew a good conversation to start with “Who cares?” And, oh look, it didn’t!

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