The Empire Announces New "Storm Trooper" K2000/K-m

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  1. Darth Vader today announced that Pentax has agreed to provide his Storm Trooper Photography Reconnaissance Units with cameras. To this end Pentax has introduced a new version of the K2000/K-m, together with special DA L 18-55mm and 50-200mm zoom lenses:
  2. An Imperial Storm Trooper keeps guard outside a Tokyo store, where the first units of this camera are allegedly being stored. The Empire has been known to use annonymous stores before as a front for their storage bunkers.
  3. Cool, can Santa bring me one?
  4. Awesome, this will look very sleek with my iPhone. Who needs a red or blue Panasonic DMC-G1 if you can get this ! I'm pretty sure that Pentax is trying to devalue white-bodied L-glass produced by another manufacturer who shall remain nameless by producing white entry-level L-glass (DA-L). I think they should make a matching DA-L 40 f/2.8 as well...I'm halfway serious about that.
  5. I think they should make a matching DA-L 40 f/2.8 as well...I'm halfway serious about that.​
    How about a white DA L 28mm f/2.4? I would be willing to bet these would sell like crazy if the K2000 + DA L 28mm kit was offered for $500.
    And I'm all the way serious about that.
  6. This thing is Butt ugly!!!!...ROFL...And to think, I was expecting to Be reading about a K30D....
  7. How about a white DA L 28mm f/2.4​
    Yes. Yes. Yes. I was thinking the same thing but decided to constrain myself to their existing line-up. Make it available in black too but I'm pretty sure a pancake f/2.4 would sell at the speed of stink especially if they could keep the price down.
    I wonder if they'll offer a matching white AF200FG in the kit (though honestly I think a AF-360FGZ is well worth whatever the price difference is).
  8. This thing is Butt ugly!!!!.​
    Javier, I actually like it. A million times better than silver, in fact.
    Andrew, why a 28mm f/2.4 (or f/2.8) pancake hasn't been designed and marketed while we have 4 (four!) lenses in the 30-35mm FL range is one of those Pentax mysteries that may never be explained. And no, the DA 21mm pancake is not a valid substitute. For those who are wondering:
    1. DA* 30mm
    2. FA 31mm f/1.8 Ltd
    3. FA 35mm f/2
    4. DA 35mm f/2.8 Ltd
  9. I hate to ask a stupid question, but... is this real?!
  10. Nevermind, just noticed the DPReview watermark on the first image.
  11. And here's a HUGE photo for those who like 'em big.
  12. My favourite view:
  13. I guess they're trying to appeal to the iPod/Wii market with that one... I think that includes chicks and suchlike these days, but I really haven't been keeping up too well with these newfangled, high-tech social reforms... :)
    Will it work...? Let's hope so... :)
  14. I hate to admit it but I actually like the look. This is a bold move by Pentax - is APS-H coming soon? K30D APS-H? I hope so.
  15. I try to stay open and refrain myself from using the negative words on things that are out of the ordinary. White is not my favorite color. I went into a car dealer hoping to get a good bargain on a car and they only get the white one. From then on, I don't look back and I have been enjoying the white color ever since.
    Pentax should ship with a special cleaning cloth to wipe it clean often. I have no idea why they make limited lens silver and black and never have a body matching the silver ones. Maybe they do but I can't recall seeing one.
    Having few other looks, I love that white and I hope the bold move will distinguish itself from the norm.
  16. Actually, when you think back at why and who this camera was designed for, white makes perfect sense. My wife told me immediately that she wanted one. I will buy her one, because if your wife wants one, it's your opportunity to get all the lenses you want in the future. Think about it!
    Beside, I actually think that that pearl white looking camera is nice. I don't want a white K20D but for this entry level K2000, it's appropriate. I purchased the K2000 black and will be running a review next week. Combined with Limited lenses, it is goping to be hard to find anything better, lighter and priced as it is.
    Yvon Bourque
  17. Is anyone selling a K2000 body only yet?
  18. I'll hold out for avacado.
  19. like i said on the other site, I don't likey it... then again, let's remember who this is targetted for, and in that regards, its quite sharp, different, and hip. Yes, it does match the ipods and the wii fits, so very smart of Pentax. Though I was expecting something more...
  20. Just saw this on Pentaxforums!!! OK Pentax WINS! I want one now!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  21. Oh.... don't show those to my gf. If needed, she'll kill (me) to get one, and she doesn't really care if they exist or not.... lol.
  22. isn't he a LITTLE SHORT for an empire storm trooper?
  23. Jorgen: all you need is to buy the white K2000 and buy a whole bunch of stickers :)
  24. From a technical point of view it makes perfect sense: The camera does not heat up much in strong
    sunlight. (Although I doubt that any technical consideration lead Pentax to release this camera.)
    For good ergonomics the camera should be light gray, so that looking at it doesn't hurt your eyes
    in bright sunlight.
    Darth Vater seems to be a smart guy too, just not with his own uniform.
  25. Walter, you're a nerd, and I LOVE IT!
  26. Thanks, thanks alot... now I've got the opening music from Star Wars stuck in my head.

    White, that was the big announcement.... And here I was hoping for racing strips. Nothing like paint on performance. Slap some red strips on that thing to make it go fast...
  27. This thing is Butt ugly!!!!
    I find your lack of faith disturbing , Javier.
  28. You know, a few years ago I'd have said this was just plain stupid.

    But this is a base model camera, aimed at people upgrading from point and shoots, and to my knowledge (and lately I've been wrong a lot so...) there is no other DSLR (yes the Panasonic G1 does have colored bodies but it's technically not a DSLR) with colored bodies.
    THere are colored Ipods, laptops (i got one to match my car color...actually, I didn't, it just worked out that way), and just about every other gadget including compact cameras.
    My wife pointed out while I commented on how stupid the colored ipod's are that there is an actual purpose.
    Many households have 2 or 3 kids, and a parent or two with an Ipod. It makes keeping gadgets straightforward.
    So now the question is, does Pentax expect to outfit every family with 2 or 3 Km/K-2000!
    May the force be with all us Pentaxian knights against the evil Canikon Empire.
  29. My wife doesn't care much for the recent 'glossy white stuff' fad, and the second thing she said was "it still won't fit in my pocket". Of course, she never puts anything in her pockets anyway, always carries a handbag, so I'm not sure what difference THAT makes. So I'm probably more open to that sleek white K2000 than she is.
    Oh, and I think leaving the focus distance markings off the DA-L lenses is lame. That must have saved them 1 gram and $0.03 of paint.
  30. Hmm.. A "Brides edition" pentax. I hope the strap is white too..
    I quite like it, actually.
  31. Hmmm... personally I hate the whole shiny-white-gadgets thing.
    But if it keeps Pentax in business making new cameras and lenses, I'm all for it. Just as long as the K30D comes in black ;-)
  32. Much, much cooler than the Nikon Black Gold edition D60 that Ritz is trying to ram down people's throats.
  33. Brilliant from Pentax
    They should pick up a few designs similar to the images posted by Lindy as well. Making entry level DSLRS a fashion statement could be another Pentax innovation. It is supercool.
    They should make different designs for different target groups. The people buying into these designs won't look at the brand at all, the design far outweighs any brand name in importance.
    I can just imagine the sales rep arguing to the prospective customer that they should by a Canikon, while the customer screams "But I want those kittens!!!"
    The challenge now is to market that this camera actually exists, because if the girls don't know about it, they can't crave it.
    Down the road they should develop a web-based "design your own body" application where any retailer or yourself can design the body look on-line, to be custom-painted and shipped from Pentax Central Warehouse in the applicable country within 2 days directly to the customer!!!
  34. I find your lack of faith disturbing , Javier​
    me to, Zane
  35. Very funny, Javier LOL!
  36. Hello Kitty Pentax for the win!
  37. I'm sure they'll manage to flog a few of these to those who happen to like the colour and all that, but I strongly suspect that the vast majority of people looking for an entry-level DSLR won't be all that keen on it... Or the black version, for that matter. Why...? Well, because it says "PENTAX" on the front, for a start...
    Unless they're given a VERY good reason to do otherwise, most people will just go with a Canon, Nikon or Sony. For the simple reason that most people seem to, and there's a kinda perceived safety in numbers, of course... Sure, this K-m cam seems like a nice enough product, but the competition have (a) nice enough cameras of their own, and (b) the massive marketing clout to ensure people are fully aware of that... :)
    I can see Pentax (and Olympus) losing whatever market share they still have pretty fast, over the next 12 months or so. And, well, once that happens, it'll certainly be an uphill battle to get it back... Realistically - and given the current financial climate - if it turns out that the K-m doesn't sell all that well then I wouldn't be at all surprised if Pentax decided to raise the white flag over the DSLR battlefield at some point in the not-too-distant future, TBH.
  38. If they had a K20D version, I'd say it is an excellent entry level DSLR, especially for the price.
  39. ... then again, Pentax do seem to have the ability to stick around doing their thing while they're being outsold (and out-advertised) left, right and centre, so maybe they'll do just that...? Well, time will tell.
    The thing is, if the media is gonna be full of financial doom and gloom for a while to come, then many people are certainly gonna think twice before forking out for a new DSLR. One would think that the big boys could more easily absorb a certain reduction in sales/profit, but what about a player like Pentax...? They could well be hit pretty hard, and there's gotta be a point where it's just not sensible to continue...
    Six months ago, I guess I wouldn't have been writing this. Pentax had good products, getting good reviews, and so on... But six months ago, the brown stuff hadn't quite reached the financial fan... :/
  40. Paul,
    Mike E noted Pentax is no longer advertising (for the most part) in print media but going web-rogue.
    In some ways they'd already shifted sales to the web.

    I think in a bad economy, this actually is a huge advantage, and a bold move. Let's hope it works out.
  41. Wow, this was a fun thread to read through! I laughed my butt off the whole time! :)
    Personally, I like the white color scheme but the Hello Kitty theme says something to me...good thing I don't listen to that voice anymore...
  42. As I stated elsewhere, while I like the Hello Kitty design I would prefer a blood red (with black accent) body with matching FA77.
    That I would actually buy!
  43. I donno... if it doesn't come only in matte black, that means its not a real camera right? I think it would look really sweet covered in the Hello-Kitty stickers personally.
  44. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Pentax decided to raise the white flag over the DSLR battlefield...
    Y'know, Pentax can't ever win. When things are going well, the story is "Pentax is too small to compete with the big R&D budgets of Canikon." When things slow down, it's "Pentax can't absorb losses, it's too small to survive."
    I'd like to see a complete ban on all Pentax survival projections for a year. It's really getting tiresome.
  45. "I'd like to see a complete ban on all Pentax survival projections for a year. It's really getting tiresome."
    Well, Zane, that's your problem, I'm afraid... But hey, good luck with the ban there... ;)
    The thing that's changed here is that problems Pentax (and many other companies...) now face have not been entirely of their own doing... And I suspect that the sheer scale of this current financial cock-up has come as something of a surprise to many, many people, not least the folk who like to forecast DSLR sales figures for newly-introduced products...
    I can't see Pentax disappearing for good, just yet. But if this K-m doesn't bring in the cash they were expecting you can be pretty sure that they'll have to reconsider both (a) their product roadmap, and (b) their position in the market as a whole... An entry-level DSLR is something of a luxury purchase for many people out there, and if such consumers decide to tighten their personal purse strings next year (which, is pretty likely, if they happen to have been reading the news...) sales of the K-m could be hit hard. Not because it's a crap camera. Or because Pentax are clueless clowns. It's just that many people will almost certainly be less keen to splash out on a fancy digital camera during a global recession.
    Like it or not, you have to remember that Pentax are merely bit players in the DSLR market. They appear to have a small/shrinking market share, a pretty sparse range of cameras, no "pro sector" presence to speak of, and what appears to be a less-than-extravagant marketing budget. A budget that gets used for things like this, BTW:
    Hmm... Call me old-fashioned, but it ain't looking too rosey for Pentax from here...
  46. ...small/shrinking market share, a pretty sparse range of cameras, no "pro sector" presence...
  47. If any of you are members of Digg, go here :
    and digg the article on the k-2k white version... Its a pretty techy site, so probably a good place to do some word of mouth advertising, no?
  48. Paul,
    Just want to note. Pentax lack of a pro photojournalism/sports presence is not a bad thing. There are quite a few people shooting Pentax making money, and/or fully supporting themselves off photography. So there is a pro market for Pentax.
    The lack of a pro oriented market segment does actually benefit many of us. We get better bodies and lenses are a better price.
    In terms of subsidizing the pro market, Nikon did it for years, then when Canon took charge, it almost put Nikon out of business with it's own games. This pro market share is more for marketing than for the benefit of the photographer. It's expensive and doesn't benefit freelancers nearly as much as news organizations.
    I always like to note that the AP photographers overwhelmingly use 10/20/30/40/50D llevel Canon cameras, yet for instance, the 20D lacked spot metering among other basic pro features.
    Canon did this to make you upgrade to a 5D or 1D series. This is fine, but it's a game that we as Pentax shooters don't have to play. If Pentax ups the FPS, and sync speed of a K30D it will be very on par with the 50D/D300 and those are very professional cameras. No need to release a higher end camera IMO.
    As far as the demise of Pentax, this has been going on for over 30 years. In some ways I almost want it to happen just so it will be over.
    But until it does, lets not speculate too much. I mean they were not supposed to release the K10D, or any of the roadmapped lenses, Yet, almost all are out, and more have been added.
    Nevertheless, all of this makes for great debate!!!
  49. "Zzzzzz."
    Wake up... :)
  50. "I mean they were not supposed to release the K10D, or any of the roadmapped lenses, Yet, almost all are out, and more have been added."
    This true, and it's why I didn't get involved in earlier debates... Pentax were quietly plugging away, and not doing so badly, so it seems. But you only have to read the news to see that the economy is currently in a bit of a mess. So the problem for Pentax (and many others) will that of consumer confidence and cash flow, especially if (when...?) the effects of the mess start to trickle down to the man in the street... Thus far, it seems many people don't think they'll be directly affected by some big fat corporations having a bad time. But when companies like Chrysler are struggling, it affects their whole supply chain, and many smaller companies are bound to feel the pinch, sooner or later.
    I suppose if things get significantly worse before they get better, Pentax will just have to ride it out (or bail out), like everyone else... But, at the end of the day, they have to be doing well enough to make it worth their while. The concern for Pentax must be that luxury "toys" like the K-m may not exactly be flying off the shelves next year if people are worried about their jobs and financial security. How that may affect them in the long term is very difficult to say, but since they're currently not in a strong market position I think it could be a pretty tough year for them next year.
    Well, I guess we'll see . Unless we're sleeping, of course.... :)
  51. Looking at it another way, perhaps one thing which may work in Pentax's favour is that they make good, feature-stuffed cameras for the price. So if people are trying to cut back on their spending a bit, maybe some will look for the best value, rather than the biggest brand...? But I still think a bigger problem is that many people may (understandably) decide to put off splashing out on a new camera until things look like they're picking up again. Which could take a while.
    The interesting thing about consumer segments like the digital camera market is that they're so huge that even a thin slice of the pie can generate enough cash to keep a reasonably-sized business going... And even if the pie temporarily shrinks a bit (or doesn't grow as quickly...) next year, there's no fundamental reason why the pie won't be huge for quite some time. The biggest problem for minor players like Pentax is when their slice of the pie just gets a bit too small. Then they get weak, and it can be a real struggle for them... And then they have to seriously consider if it's worth coming to that particular (DSLR) table at all.
  52. Moving away from the ever boring and uninformative discussion of Pentax' 48th bankruptcy, I think this Km version is a bold move. Whether it will work in the DSLR market is yet to be seen, but nobody thought fashion and design would mean a thing in the personal computer market either until Apple really started to produce some slick looking computers. I would have thought that fashion and design should play more of a role in the P&S market, which is more of a mass-market. However, entry DSLRs are becoming increasingly popular and Pentax is right in testing out how product colours affect customer behaviour.
    I think photo-enthusiasts, as we all are on this forum, often forget that we probably make out less the 10% of the market, pros another 5%. That leaves 85% of buyers out there that like to take pictures but would not be able to tell raw from gravy. They would use the green program but want a DSLR simply because of the superior results compared to most P&S. (The might be a bit disappointed sometimes that they do not get 17282x zoom though)
    In my opinion (feel free to disagree), non-enthusiasts buy based on brand/marketing (i.e. Canon,Nikon,Sony) or, if available and known, on superior design/looks. Myself, I don't know *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* about cars, neither do I care very much about how a car works. Thus, how it looks influences my decision much more than it would for a person that takes great interest in cars. Brand still pays a role though, so Pentax must get the message through that they have a long history in camera making, because many won't know that Pentax is a good brand, just not as famous as the big ones.
    If I don't like white, but 30% of the market really likes it, then it is right for Pentax. And all our concerns about whether the finish is matt or glossy or whether white will reflect when using flash or whether dirt will show is purely an academic discussion.
    If it doesn't become I success, I applaud their decision to try.
  53. Ya know, for all the talk of this being a "risky" move, I really don't see it as one. Bold certainly, novel perhaps, but not really risky. Best case scenario: they sell out the white K-m at a significant markup, and generate a lot of buzz and name recognition. Worst case scenario: they unload the unsold white K-m's at a slight discount (the K-m itself is going to be a success, and I doubt the target market will specifically avoid the white version) and get ridiculed as a "non-pro" camera company... in other words, the status quo.
    As I see it, Pentax will get benefit out of the white K-m no matter how quickly it sells or how "hot" an item it is:
    (1) Very low investment. I'm guessing it cost practically nothing to "develop" this new product (not to make light of it). Basically, they order a few plastic pieces in white/silver instead of black, and that's that.
    (2) Turning heads on the street. Everyone will notice a white DSLR among a sea of black cameras, generating word-of-mouth buzz about Pentax (and probably a few hapless tourists getting theirs stolen).
    (3) Turning heads on the web. Whenever DPReview fronts an article about Pentax , it's a good thing for Pentax. Now there are a zillion forum threads about it too, such as "Dumbest Pentax ever? " which have probably got a ton of people talking about Pentax DSLRs who never thought of them before. As they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity ... in fact, that particular thread seems almost like a deliberate plant designed to inspire favorable responses. Maybe Pentax marketing has gotten smarter :)
    So, good work Pentax. Oh, I just thought of another benefit. I want my parents to get a DSLR but they seem intimidated. Maybe I can sell them on "shiny white camera" more easily than "big scary black camera"? We'll see...
  54. Dan makes very good points. The cost of this little "adventure" has to be very minimal and the attention they are getting from dedicated photo people is pretty high considering that it's just a different color camera.
  55. What do you all think about Hin when I order one as a 2nd system next to K20D. Anyone have some experience to share about how good the k-m is as a backup system. Specificially what has improved in AF speed. The black one looks like a match to K20D/K10D but for weirdo like me who like something different and on tight budget, I will consider that special edition an special treat for the buying for use in traveling, backup system in small size, spousal usage, kid's training etc.
    Butt ugly is in the beholder's eyes. It is appealing to me as a backup system in traveling, with hopefully some improvement in AF speed. And something that I can toss it to my sweetie to take a group shot of me and my boys. Or something I can ask for help from strangers who may ask what that camera brand is. An eye catching icons for sure in my books.
    I wake up this morning and I am replacing my thoughts on 2nd system with D90 with this white camera. Am I nuts, yes! Always! And I have better reasons when I sweet talk my wife for the 2nd camera that I hope she won't feel as intimidating to use
  56. Go for it Hin. I would have gotten the white one as well if I were in need of a 2nd camera.
    Back in the stone age I got the ME Super in all black. At that time, at least in my neck of the woods, everyone had cameras with silver top and black bottom. Now everyone has black cameras, so I would sure like to have something different.
    Hin, when people ask you about your new white camera (which everyone will), tell them that you used to use Canon and Nikon, but that this one is soooo much better, because the highly sophisticated white coating makes the colours more vibrant in the pictures!
  57. I am dead serious about this. I withdrew my bid for a D90 as a 2nd system today and I withdrew the sale of my DA* 50-135mm this morning. I wake up this morningwith this very idea to line up with the Pentax calling for a difference.
    I embrace bold move and changes. That white camera on cosmetic appeals to me bar none from the others. But of course, I may be the minority for that calling for a backup system that is a eye catching icon. I will need to dig up all the reviews on k-m as I sure want it to be as good as K100D Supper with improvements on AF speed. The missing of the top display is a turn off on me. I can survive with one dial but without the top display is a compromise unless I can see everything I need in the viewfinder.
  58. Hin, there was no offense intended towards your seriousness. I am serious too, and my last comment was serious marketing, not necessarily true, but when was marketing true?

    I think Pentax should put more resources in this area and just postpone any K30D. It is more important to get new attractive and different looking entry-level DSLRs to the market than new and more sophisticated cameras (and if no-one gets angry with me now, I do not know what I need to say).

    The quality of the cameras today is so good that another year or two wait for a K30D is no loss, but Pentax getting a reputation for cool quality cameras in the beginner DSLR market would be phenomenal, and I don't dare to show my daughter the Hello Kitty one, because then she wants it...
  59. "The cost of this little "adventure" has to be very minimal and the attention they are getting from dedicated photo people is pretty high considering that it's just a different color camera."
    True enough, but it's worth considering the nature of the attention... :) Are people swooning, or laughing...? :)
    The thing is, this is a world away from slick, minimalist Apple chic... There's more to making something a pleasing, coherent, desirable work of visual design than taking an existing (standard-looking) product and ordering a few plastic pieces in white intead of black... :)
    For this kind of thing to work well, the entire design (and packaging, and marketing...) should be well thought out right from the start. And I don't remember too many people commenting on the original black version's ultra-sophisticated, stylish looks... :) Sure, it's been designed to be compact, but the shapes/forms/design are all very standard-looking stuff. This isn't "slim and sleek", which seems to be the in-thing with the trendy little pocket cameras, mobile phones, MP3 players etc. This is just "a white DSLR with black bits".
    So, to me, this white version looks like what it is: just a cheap way to try to cash in on a certain market. The problem with that approach is that it can be rather counter-productive in terms of "image", as it can very easily come across as a sign of poor judgement... Or, to some eyes, as a sign of desperation. Or perhaps even rather patronizing, to all the lovely little ladybabies who are looking to move on from their purse-friendly P&S models to a more "serious" camera...?
    TBH, when I first saw that white version I was instantly reminded of those "Special Edition" versions of low-end family cars, that were often seen in the '80s (at least in Europe). These were just older models, nearing the end of their lifetime, tarted up with a different paint-job, a few stripes, some new seat covers etc...
    Of course, me saying all this will ensure that it will be the "must have" trendy product of 2009, and Pentax will go on to dominate the DSLR market for years to come... :)
  60. Hin, While I consider this thing Butt ugly, I must also confess that when I showed it to my wife and daughter, they both thought it was as cool as Ice. My daughter said it would go well with her Ipod ....
  61. Javier, thanks for the support. I am sure when I get my copy, my two boys will think of their dad a bit different in a positive way. My older boy will say "way kool Dad" and my younger boy will follow his brother as usual and then my sweetie starts rolling up the eyes and said, it is not your Daddy's camera, it is MINE.
    I need to dig up information on frame rate, AF improvements, the sensor, is it the same as the K200D or that or the K10D, whether it works with DA* lens, how bad are the L lens with plastic mount, support of wireless flash, any improvement on the dust removal, whether it has solved the white balance issues with K100D in indoor settings etc. If you have the k-m and have handled the k-m, please fill us up on your impressions using it as a back up camera comparing to K100D Super or K200D, what are the basic gripes on the technicals assuming neutral stand on the camera color.
  62. Hin, The published FPS are faster on that K2000 than the K20D. I also read it has better low light focus than the K20D, but I doubt that.
  63. Vegard, I am not offended at all. I think a bit childish all my life and I am happy that way. And I change mind often and it scare others as well as myself. And I am very grateful that this dicussion in this forum is respectful and open minded. It is not like in other places that I feel an outcast to post an opinion on color. Now that I re-examine, I am a white color guy. I can't believe that I say this.
    My house is white, which I dearly love. Then come my CRV which I never thought I would drive a white color car and part of it goes to the salesman who sold me the idea on lesser copies in the road and better scratch hidden for resale value. My 2005 CRV looks quite new after 3 years.
    Then come my laptop Sony Vaio in white color again, oooops. I bought the laptop for my wife in kitchen area and we have been a happy camper for the white laptop and the material is easily cleaned on that Sony computer that cost me $650 with 250 gig HD, 3 gig memory and Vista media premium edition. Of course, I like my MacbookPro better in silver color. But the white Vaio is as techie look and distinguishable look from the norms as in black, silver, chrome and the recent red in dell.
    I am seeing a very scary pictures when the white camera come to my household. I checked that few things that I like:
    • smaller size and weight going the trend with film body as desired by many including Justin. It is not small when compared to old film bodies but I like the trending
    • 2.7 inch LCD is plenty
    • the same sensor as in K10D and K200D
    • use of AA batteries for long duration of traveling, I hope the body is longer lasting than K100D
    • I think it supports DA*
    • wireless flash is supported
    • the preview in dpreview seems to answer my questions on missing LCD on top
    • 96% viewfinder and I am not sure if magnification is the same as in K10D or not, dpreview shows 85% on a 50mm lens
    • faster frame rate with 3.5 to 5.0 in JPG and 4 in Raw, this number is as good as I can hope for
    • perhaps more when I find them ....
  64. Well are people swarming or laughing at the multicolored Ipods, or laptops, or point and shoot cameras.
    Sure a pro is going to laugh at a white Km, but I laugh at people toting D300s with a kit lens on them.

    Who cares? As long as it sells cameras, and appeals to some market segment it's a good move.
    And, I expect Canikon to follow suit! Trust me, no good idea goes unnoticed or unstolen! Just ask Sam Walton (Walmart) what his best strategy was? Look at what others are doing and copy what works!
  65. White can be beautiful and I don't realize that
    I have many white things from
    my laptop to my car
    Posting Angelic Face in my Blog
    and my home is actually white
    the left corner one
    And I still insists that white is not my favorite color
    Green is
    but I will stay away from a Green Camera​
  66. I think that this is a smart move on Pentax' part. As others have noted, the financial cost to develop this camera is practically zero. It is a limited edition, so it is not a statement of a new direction in Pentax styling.
    I think that they are testing the waters. Brightly colored P & S cameras seem to be selling well, and many of them come in four or more different colors. If the white K-m/K2000 sells well, they will probably repeat it and perhaps add more colors.
    Personally, I like my solid black K10D and I would almost certainly buy a black camera next time, but there are others, especially at the entry level, who might prefer other colors. Remember, if you are a K10D or K20D user, you're probably NOT the target demographic group for the K-m/K2000, in any color. Some might buy it because of its small size and light weight, as a travel camera, but for the most part, users of the higher end cameras aren't going to migrate to this camera in droves. Do D300 users lust after a D80?
    The worst that can come of this experiment is that it won't sell, the remaining stock will be sold off at a discount, and the experiment won't be repeated. The best that can happen is that it will create some buzz for Pentax and get it noticed by new users, who watch Ashton Kutcher shilling for Nikon in TV commercials and think he really knows something about cameras.
    Paul Noble
  67. Well, I'm glad we settled this issue :)
  68. As part of the likely target demographic, I figure I might as well chime in.

    My first reaction was "that's pretty cool!" I'd still buy the black version, but I buy pretty much everything in black. Most of my peers prefer white to black.
    This also opens the door to more functional alternative designs. A forest camo K200D perhaps, which could be an ideal wildlife camera.
  69. Mike, while we're asking, I'd love a dark grey, ash colour.

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