"The Conquest of Rome, A.D. MMXIII" - a Small Travel Gallery

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  1. Dear All,

    this October, our little family were fortunate to spend six days in Rome, Italy - and we had a fantastic time, that I would like to share with you :)

    I brought along the M3 and - unusually for me - four lenses in total. I used my Elmar 50/2.8 most of the time, while the secondary lenses were a Voigtlaender 21/4, Voigtlaender 28/3.5, and a Minolta M-Rokkor 90/4.0 that I took along specifically for views of St. Peters.

    Anyway - here we go: There are 21 pictures in total:


    Thanks for looking - and please feel free to comment :)

  2. Oh, and for those who cannot wait to hit the final page in the gallery - here's the obligatory picture of the camera :)
  3. For me the link doesn't lead to your images, at least not directly. I get a

    instead. (Frontier is my ISP)
    Perhaps my protection levels are set too high? or there is an error in the url?
    The fix given, below, worked.
  4. or there is an error in the url​
    JDM, it's the double http at the beginning that is the problem. If you copy the link and delete the two "http://"s so in other words it just starts with the WWW, it works fine.
    Best regards
  5. Classy shots with a classic camera (even by the standards of the most rigorous here)!
    Well done.
    I've been shooting the Ilford XP2, maybe I need to give the Kodak film a try. I love the creaminess of the tones in the Ilford, but your images wtih the Kodak BW 400CN Professional film have similar qualities.
    I've not been a Leica fan, but the Leica M3 sort of beckons (beacons?) to me. I have a suspicion it might be even better than my FED-4 ;)
  6. Gorgeous essay, Soeren, visually delightfully with a charming text. Make me wish I was in Rome... (Sigh). Terrific scans from the 400CN, too. Many thanks for a great post.
  7. Soeren, you're the man. I always enjoy your photo essays, and Rome?! - I'm dying with envy.
  8. Wonderful!
  9. Wow Soeren, what a great line up...the Eternal City with pasta and pizza, doesn't get any better than that! Looks like you had a wonderful trip, and great pics to show for it...that last one of your two kids running at St. Peters is an absolute classic.
  10. David C, it's "you da man".

    Sorren, I assume you are a Visigoth.

    JDM, get an M3.
  11. Great tour of Rome! My wife has been there and had an audience with Pope Paul VI, along with several thousand other

    I was born in an Italian city "Sicilian, actually", and our pizza was square, not round, had a thick crust, and no cheese.

    My birthplace was Niagara Falls, NY.
  12. Søren, I envy you your two children - they are wonderful and always so full of life. I can easily understand why they are your preferred and favourite motifs.
    Asta is photographying herself - is she using a Leica like her papa?
    PS: Almost forgot - great serie as usual!
  13. Wonderful series Soren. I always enjoy your photo essays. Makes me feel like I was right there with you. Thanks.
  14. Once more simple, straight wonderful images,that capture your kids,the place and feelings.
    Great work. I think the M3 is a special camera.
    A camera that doesn't intrude on self or subject.
    Your eye, the seeing so great.
    In an age of digital, complex menus, chaotic computers, a refreshing working tool.
    Can't wait for your next posting and trip!
  15. Your photographic skills and beautiful children are a perfect combination.
    JDM: I concur with David Kaye, you need an M3
  16. Thanks for the kind words, all :)

    I always prioritise spending some time on creating a gallery page after a trip, since - in many ways - it represents the "lasting record" of the trip. Somehow, the colour pictures that I take, rarely "do it" for me.

    I was recently at my favourite camera store contemplating an upgrade of my (fairly old) digital system camera, and it dawned on me, that (1) I have been spoiled by the large and brilliant viewfinders on my CMC's - everything else pales in comparison (2) I actually find it much easier - requiring less mental effort handling the camera, allowing for more focus on the subjects - to take pictures with my M3 than with one of the "modern" cameras. How ironic.

    Thanks again,

    By the way, JDM: If you took that picture of Rome using your FED, I think that you should check the lens for scratches :)
  17. Actually, that version of the picture was my response to criticism from an otherwise dear one
    Kind postcardy, though that's not all bad, Dad​
    Not that it means anything, but the same criticism has been made of Ansel Adams by a supporter of Frank. :|
    As for the M3, as I wrote off the site, first the Mac Pro, then the Leica. :)
    A little easter egg, in the picture is appropriate to another discussion I've had lately-
    The Rome letters, if you look closely, are for Rome, Georgia, USA. ;)

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