"Technique" for pushing Tri-X in D-76 1:1?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by andrew_lee|2, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. Hello guys. I've read/heard that Tri-X pushes to 1600 extremely well
    in Diafine, and Microphen (looks like Tri-X @ 400 in D-76 1:1).
    However, when I tried pushing to 1600 in D-76 1:1 I didn't like the
    results at all - very little in the way of midtones and shadow
    detail. I basically followed Kodak's directions. Is there anything I
    can be doing to increase shadow detail and not get such contrasty
    negs, or is this *just* *not* *possible* with this developer (i.e., I
    really do need to get Diafine or Microphen)? PS-don't tell me to use
    a faster film. Thanks for the help...
  2. Andrew, try pushing triX400 to 1600 with HC110. 1+100 29 Degress C for 14 mins with NO agitation to bring out the shadow details via compensating effect. Agitate only for the first 10 secs and that's all you do. here is an example.
  3. wow travis that is some result! great shadow detail and tonal range for 1600. thanks for the recipe. VERY HELPFUL info the rest of us. much appreciated.
  4. Nice result, Travis. I agree that Tri-X doesn't push convincingly in D-76 (1:1). I tried a one stop push recently and found the same thing you did.
  5. Try Travis' no-agitation technique with D-76.
  6. Wow Travis, great response. Not only did you solve Andrew's dilemma for a good push, but you solved my question too. I'm at a point where I want to experiment with pushing TX with HC110, and thats a convincing picture. I assume you used the old emulsion, but is your dilution derived from stock or concentrate?
  7. Oh yeah, is there a minimum amount of developer per roll?
  8. I will try Travis's technique using D-76 1:1 and try to post the results. Cheers to everyone-
  9. Andrew, i have not used d761:1 for this technique, so results may vary. Here's one with Hc110 1+100(5ml to 500ml water), 29 degrees celcius, for 14 mins with triX ei 1600. Agitate for 10 secs only and none after for 14 mins-+.
  10. 1+100 from STOCK hc110. No A or B, just stock with water.
  11. travis - do you develop your tri-x with HC-110 when you aren't pushing as well?
  12. Oh yes Ron, ei 400, 800, 1250, 1600 all in trix with Hc110.

    at 29Degress C, 1+100 from stock: 7 mins, 8.5mins, 10.5mins, 14mins respectively, all without agitation except first 10 secs.
  13. cool....thanks travis. i will pick up a bottle this week. i have heard great things about HC-110 with Delta400 as well.
  14. Do you put 1 roll into a two roll tank?

    I thought I read somewhere that you need at least 3-4 ml US dilution syrup per 35mm roll.
  15. Hello Guys,

    Thanks Travis i've tried your formula, i have one thing bothering me. In 120 format the negative have some air bells caused by improper agitation, but just in one side of the film, 1 mm on the film the left side of the film, the tank if fully loaded.
  16. Hi guys,

    Excuse the amateur question, but when you say you want to push TriX to 1600 you are talking about the exposure. In other words, you shot the roll as 1600, right? Thanks. Brandon

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