Stop-down metering protocol Nikon F4: Non-Ai Lenses

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  1. This is not a new question; I guess you might call it an oldie, but goodie:
    What is the step by step protocol for shooting NAI (Non AI; Pre AI) Lenses on the F4? If anyone could please sound off on what I have below, I thank you in advance. I have checked all the hits on google, and this is what I have come up with:
    Specifically for a 50mm f2 NAI on an F4:
    1. mount by lifting tab on mounting ring
    2. (If using A Mode) Set desired Aperture on lens ring
    3. Compose
    4. Depress DOF button
    5. Then depress shutter release with DOF or AEL depressed

      *If using AE Lock, does the AE button have to be depressed while the DOF is depressed?
    1. (If Using M) Set desired SS/Aperture
    2. Compose
    3. Depress DOF button/Meter; Fine tune SS/Aperture while DOF is depressed
    4. Depress shutter release with DOF or AEL depressed
    Thank you in advance for your input and time!
  2. If using AE lock the AE lock button has to be pressed while the DOF button is depressed. Yes.
    When in manual mode there is no need to depress the DOF or AEL while pressing the shutter release button. You need to press the DOF to meter once you set you correct aperture and shutter speed you can release the DOF button. The meter will indicate overexposure but the exposure settings are still the same so there is no need to press the DOF while pressing the shutter release.
  3. Not sure why you would use AE lock with a manual focus lens. I believe you can only use this camera in manual mode with non AI lenses.
    1. Lift the tab.
    2. Set the desired shutter speed and focus.
    3. Depress DOF button and rotate the aperture ring until the meter shows correct exposure.
    4. Release the DOF button and make the exposure.

    No automation is possible with a non-AI lens.
    Rick H.
  4. With Non AI lenses the F4 can work in A and M mode. You must hold the DOF button then press the shutter release in A mode.
  5. Son of a gun. I've been shooting the F4s for 20+ years and did not know that.
    Rick H.
  6. BeBu, Thank you so much for your confirmation, it's helped so much.
    Rick, Thank you also for your comments; I'm glad you got something out of it too.
  7. For what it's worth...
  8. Why would you need to press the DoF when you press the shutter release (unless you're talking about half-pressing the shutter release to wake up the meter)?
    You need to press the DoF for metering purposes.
    1. Set your desired f stop on the lens.
    2. Press and hold the DoF.
    3. If you're in "M", set the shutter speed to give you the desired exposure. Release the DoF.
    4. If you're in "A", press and hold the AE lock to memorize the shutter speed appropriate for the set aperture. Release the DoF.
    5. Compose and shoot. The aperture will shut down to the set value during the exposure.
  9. Actually, now that you have serious answers, I'll give you a simpler procedure.
    1. buy a Canon EOS camera (depending on age and medium (film or digital) from US$10 to $7000)
    2. buy a Nikon>EOS adapter (ca. $10 w/o focus-confirmation chip)
    3. attach non-AI lens to adapter and camera
    4. set camera to aperture priority (Av)
    5. stop-down lens to desired aperture, and take picture.
    If you only want to shoot film, this also works for Canon FD-mount cameras.
  10. You can get a Nikkormat EL or ELW and the Pre-AI lenses would work great with both manual and aperture priority mode.
    I have the Nikon Df which work with the Pre-AI lenses quite well.
    But with the Nikon F4 that's what you have to do.
  11. No automation is possible with a non-AI lens.
    Rick H.​
    Not true. You can still use aperture priority, if you do as has been outlined here; close down the aperture with the DOF preview and hold it while you trip the shutter. I used to do it this way with my 50mm f/1.4 non-AI until I DIY AI'd it.

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