Spock's photographs are illogical

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  1. You want "plain strange," listen to this hilarious Nimoy rendition of "Proud Mary":

  2. Well...sheesh! They're not taken by "Spock" the logical Vulcan character in the Star Trek stories...they're taken by Leonard Nimoy...the actor. Like his book is entitled: "I am not Spock." I kinda like the images.
  3. Actually it is a series based on the Jewish mystical concept of the Shekina or the "Divine Presence" which is generally described in feminine terms.
  4. I like some of his work with figures. They are not trite. The use of phylacteries and prayer shawls is different,at least I haven't seen this. And it is a fair response to anyone who might thin life ends after Star Trek Generations,or ST V. And the nihilist comments that pop up ever so often. And by the way,Leonard Nimoy is a Jewish kid from the old West End section of Boston where I grew up. A local hero. A serious actor despite the ear prostheses. And now an artist in late life,and a sponsor of artists too. I give him credit. And heck,notice his gallery charges jsut $55.00 for a print of the cover piece. Even I can afford that..Matthew,I too find some fascinating. Some strange.And the hand series empty of anything I can get into. About the average ratio,and better than my own sums. Be well, Gerry
  5. In all honesty, the title of this thread was only meant to get peoples' attention. :) I like
    the photos a lot, and I am very pleased to see what a good photographer Nimoy is.

    the shots are creative, artistic, and imaginative -- completely opposite from the traditional
    notions of logic and rationality, I'd say. I like em!
  6. Yea they are pretty cool. I don't think the images are so weird. What's weird is that w
    ho would have thought Spock would go on to be a nude photographer? That's kind of s
    trange. Other than that they are neat.
  7. But, "Live long and prosper."
  8. Leonard had a TV career beyond Spock. I remember him for one example in the mini series as husband of Ingrid Bergman's character study of Golda Meir. Leonard now does some commercial with his old co star from Trek. Of the two,the Spock character was by far the least "strange."and most well liked. Never saw Leonard in any National Inquirer either,seems to have led a normal life for LA. I know he has given to many causes. Happy to see that he joins us in a passion for photography,with nudes being no great surprise. Art is art. Nudes are great,especially when not tritely posed,right? Be well,live long,and remember what mama says prune juice and bran muffins daily, GS
  9. Just one clarification to my last. I would not want my Science Officer running around the bridge saying" Oh my God,we are doomed if we don't get those dilithium crystals working in two minutes." Thus,not strange,except the ears,which he hated,by the way.
  10. C'mon, he DID look "cool," didn't he? And he also set the norm for future Vulcan characters! Yeah, live long and prosper!
  11. What the Enterprise 1701 didn't have color cameras?

    Beam me up Scotty!
  12. I like his photographs better than his acting. Noticed that a local gallery represents him, so I'll drop by to see what they look like on paper as opposed to the monitor.
  13. Hi dance work isn't bad, although he seriously needs to start using a bigger format.
  14. Like his book is entitled: "I am not Spock."​

    Like he wrote more than one book, one of which is entitled, "I Am Spock"
  15. Very nice, he has a good eye. However, is it an ageing actor thing to be obsessed by the female form? Maybe you should move on in your photography.

    Have a go at some street stuff ,Leonard.
  16. Space, the final frontier... Three bodies orbiting a G-class star...
    Just imagine how boring a Photo.net on the planet Vulcan would be.
  17. "No one gets killed in 'Vulcan Love Slave'--but it's still a helluva read." (Quark - Star Trek: DS9)

    Heard that quote on today's episode and just had to throw it in. :)
  18. Did someone above really assert that it is "an aging actor thing" to be photo-passionate about the female form and work a lot with nudity? Allen,Allen,you are pulling our leg out of its socket..Street photography, if it floats ya boat,go ahead...
  19. Gerry Siegel (Honolulu), are you any relation to George Siegal? Like you he used to work on a boat. He was a cook. All those young eager starlets....thats what it's about.
  20. jbs


    I have followed Leonards work for a couple of years now and for the most part have enjoyed his work...;)....J
  21. Illogical Leonard Nimoy is the music video of him singing "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins".
  22. Nice eggs, Leonard. I think he's pushing in the right direction.
    He's been around long enough that I'll not presume to critique his motivation. Looks like beauty to me.

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