Sony/Minolta pictures of the week | 14 April

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  1. Using the HX1 cablebird.jpg
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  2. Black bird RW bbird.jpg
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  3. Sunrise in Burin harbour, Newfoundland .
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  4. Howard, after looking at the stone tower picture I dug out my F300 also from 2003. There were a few pictures on a 32 MB! card of which this is one. Still a nice camera. butter nut squash.jpg
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  5. Coffee and conversation. Sony a6000 / Sony/Zeiss 16-70mm 4.0

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  6. Shooting tonight's moon. Sony RX10iii. ISO 100 manual exposure 1/500 and F5.6. Raw conversion in ACR

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  7. Great shots, Dave.
    I am going to try to update the firmware this week if I can find the time. Are you seeing any other improvements with the latest firmware?
    Are you using the A9 or A7RIII. Hoping maybe I will see improved focusing performance on the A7RIII.
  8. Hi Mark, the eagle shot is with the a9, which is still champ for any bird-in-flight situation. The a7RIII's resolution and DR make it champ for everything else, like both prairie dog shots. (Look at the detail on that close-up).

    For me, there was nothing else of great interest with the a7RIII firmware update, other than the animal-eye. It still has "Lock-on" instead of "Tracking" AF. I saw no negative to the change. Can't wait for the a9 animal-eye Tracking AF. I suspect it'll be superior to the a7RIII update, due to hardware and software differences. We'll see....
  9. Sounds good
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