some e6 issues, please help

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by golden, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. hi all, i shot some slides today and processed them with the kodak e6 kit, some of my images had some strange lines running through them, weird thing is they were not continuous. any ideas?
  2. No Line
  3. here is another
  4. No line again
  5. the above pictures were side by side on the roll.
  6. the first 2 were toward the beginning of the roll and the ones on the swingset were toward the end, here are a couple of more
  7. the last few on the roll were fine, there was only one more that had a line through it and i didnt scan it. thanks in advance for any help
  8. i found another one
  9. btw i shot these using a toyo view gII 240 symmar s with a c2n 6x9 roll film back if this makes any difference. probably not. thanks again
  10. The only time I have seen these it was a scanner issue. I think that there were others closer to what you show but I have discarded them.
  11. Thanks sam. What can I do. I've tried rescanning with no luck. There are no lines on the film at all. Thanks again
  12. its a scanner error for sure. It might be something to do with image processing the scanner does. try disabling any auto features on the scanner other than exposure, and maybe roate the film in the holder 180 degrees.
  13. Thanks bob. I did that and it worked. Thanks guys for the responses
  14. May sound weird but the same thing happened to me one time and I uninstalled the scanner software and reinstalled it.. fixed the problem.
  15. what scanner are you using?
  16. If you're using a flatbed scanner, one other thing to check is the glass in the calibration area. This area has to be really clean. If there are dust or smudges, these can throw the scan out of whack.
    The thing is that the scanner reads this area before the scan, and uses the result from this "read" to compensate for varitions between individual CCDs.
    Hope this helps.
  17. Thanks guys. I'm using an epson v700

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