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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by Matthew Currie, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Just in the last couple of days this site has gone bonkers. It continues to load from an uncountable number of ad servers, and jumps around so much that it is nearly impossible to open a thread because the headers jump around. It's like chasing flies. I finally got it to stop by stopping the site load itself in the browser, but even that does not always work, and it took me multiple tries just to type the first three words of this thread and the title. Is there something new here? I certainly don't mind some ads on a site like this, and I'm used to waiting a bit until it settles down, but it looks as if the site never stops at a set of ads, and just keeps loading them faster than you can even see them.
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    Because of a batch of work & wait indoor tasks the last day and a half, I've been on a lot and posted quite a few things. Other than managing to double post photos, things were entirely the "new normal'. Didn't experience your issues.
  3. No problem here, either. Could be you're getting hammered by an outside source?
  4. The problem seems to be on the computer I'm using. I switched to another, and the site finishes loading as it's supposed to, and all works as before. I am not sure just what is happening on the other one. Its a Vista laptop, and perhaps it's just time to send it packing!

    Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant.
  5. I've been mentioning this for a couple of weeks on here, but it seems to be unanswered.

    For me, it seems to happen after I've had the site open for ~12h or so. This is one of the sites that I just keep open on my computer and refresh, and it's rare that I shut my computer down at all(I often run 30+ days at a time). It's an annoyance, and no other Xenforo-site I visit has this problem.

    Logging off and back on fixes it, but there again it's a royal pain and makes the site unusable when it happens.

    BTW, for anyone reading this, I'll just repeat my general info

    Mac OSX Sierra, up to date, Firefox 53.
  6. I don't know whether it's browser specific or what. My Windows 10 computer with Firefox seems to behave all right, but this Vista computer does not. It does not seem to matter whether I log on or not, reboot or not, and no browser setting has yet changed it. The site simply never completes loading. I counted instances of messages on the bottom of the browser (loading, looking up, etc., ) and it accesses outside sites, and also itself, approximately 150 times a minute. During that time, the menu bar at the bottom appears and disappears, the new message dialogue box appears and disappears, ads change size and shape, and, it appears, the entire web page itself reloads repeatedly. Attempts to stop the loading work eventually, but often take a half dozen tries. The site works well when the loading is stopped.
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    Nothing to see here, nothing new, keep moving folks... :p

    This has been an intractable issue since the site converted however many 4 or 5 months ago. There are at least 4 threads that I know of discussing it--and it appears in several others.

    There seems to be no distinct pattern of incidence. For me, it is any page that I bring up from a link in an email. Forget it--I need to go to the site and find the thread in my notifications. Similarly, if I actually stay logged in over 12 hours or so--any further pages I try to visit go through the endless recycle. The only cure for me has been to close out the session in the browser and start anew.

    Others relating this cite the issue in all of the popular browser iterations--so on and so forth. I hope that I live long enough to see all of these bugs cleaned up... :rolleyes:
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    Me too too.

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