Since when Leica uses red dot logo

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  1. Leica  red  dot2.JPG Since when Leica uses red lot logo

    Top Leicaflex with "Leica,no red dot

    bottom Leica M6 case with red dot logo
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  3. Apparently the Leica red dot began in 1913

    But the red dot appeared on Leica camera body
    and Leica case pretty late.

    In what year Leica began put Leica red dot logo
    on camera body and camera case

    my Leica IIIf has no red dot on it,
    My Leica M6 has red dot

    It was between Leica IIIf and M6
  4. They put it on the R3 in the 70s, and apparently on the first 100 M4-2 bodies. Then they dropped it on the M line until the M4-P. It was originally a 'Leitz' dot on the cameras - early 'Wetzlar' M6 bodies have the 'Leitz' dot, later bodies the 'Leica' dot.
  5. The digital M9 had a red dot logo, but it was dropped for the M9P. I can do without it.
  6. The higher-end "P" digital bodies, thankfully, do not utilize the red dot. Here's my MP-240 outfit..


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