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  1. Bennett Sherman takes a close look at camera shutters in the September 1958 issue of Modern Photography magazine.

    Shutters 1 sm 2
  2. Here are this month's Modern Tests.

    MT 1 sm 2
  3. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.

    Agfa 1 sm 2
  4. This is a real service and greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. A great look back, as always. The Konica article really makes me want a Konica III-A. Thanks.
  6. JDM - Glad you are enjoying these.

    Mike - That is the problem with these. I have probably added 15 cameras over the past year.
  7. Thanks, Marc, I'm finally finding time to peruse your latest series of postings. The "99 Years Ago" article was fascinating, and I'm also rather drawn to the Konica III-A... Thanks for your time and effort.
  8. Thanks Marc! A great introductory article about shutters by Bennet Sherman, but the whole set is enjoyable. So many classics in the reviews and ads, and two C cameras, Hassy 500C and Retina IIIC. What a month.

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