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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by kyle_czech, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. So this camera I have is working but has an issue with the upper auxiliary shutter door. The shutter is firing correctly; it winds correctly. The only issue is that the upper door doesn't open all the way. Any ideas as to why?
  2. Unfortunately the most likely answer isn't the one you want to hear: it needs to be serviced. How old is the body?
  3. What make and model camera?
    What effect(s) are you getting that you attribute to a "shutter door"?
  4. If you are talking about a light bafgle on a 500 series body, you can try cycling the
    shutter a number of times. Otherwise, I would also recommend servicing.
  5. It does not necessarily have be a fault, it is possible to depress the mirror while the shutter is open and the screen and hood is removed as might happen if you where trying to clean the mirror. It is very easily corrected. Of course the other writers are correct when they say it could be faulty and need a service, not a big problem.
  6. You haven't said how far down the baffle door remains, Kyle.<br>So first of all, check whether the door hangs down far enough to cause vignetting. Can you see it having an effect in the negatives?<br>A baffle door that doesn't open 100% is not a problem that needs to be fixed, unless it is ;-)
  7. The flaps are attached to an axle by force, no screw or other firm way to keep them from slightly rotating on the axle. This is a very easy fix for a trained technician, it only takes the time to dismantle the camera, a few minutes to move the flap to its correct position and re-assemble the camera.
    However, as this requires to open the body, it might be worth to do a cla at the same time.
    Most of the times, this happens when somebody moves the flaps by hand (specially the upper one) without understanding what they do.
    Cycling the camera has NO CHANCE to fix this problem.
    Finally, if you clearly see the problem, it most probably will do vignetting. Easy to check by taking one picture . . .
  8. My Hasselblad had this same problem and I had to send it for service. A spring has broken and needs to be replaced. David Odess performed the work and did a fine job.
  9. These flaps are held open by thin, hairpin springs. The lubricant hardens with age, and the flaps (auxillary shutter) may not open quickly and completely. Of itself, it's a minor repair, which may not affect operation. On the other hand, sluggish operation will affect timing. It's an early warning sign that a CLA is appropriate.

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