Shout out to Ral Jakoel - EOS 630

Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by ridinhome, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. All,
    A big thank you to Ralf Jakoel. In response to JDM's recent post on the EOS 630 I'd mentioned that I was interested in picking one up but didn't want to pay for shipping since it cost as much as the camera. Well, in an interesting coincidence it turns out Ralf and I work for the same company. Ralf very kindly offered me this beauty, a perfect condition 630, for the (as my late grandfather would say) "princely sum" of $0.
    Thanks Ralf. It's stuff like this that makes me keep coming back to Pnet. I popped a battery in the camera last night and it's working great. Now I just need some decent weather this weekend so that I can give her some exercise!
    Here's a quick grab shot of the camera. Apologies for the terrible backlighting.
  2. Ralf - apologies for misspelling your name in the thread title! No good deed goes unpunished.
  3. Thumbs up, Ralf! May good Karma surround you. Kayam, the gift of a camera is a special one. May it bring joy and beautiful light into your life.
  4. Ralf is a prince among men.
    Congratulations on your EOS 630, still a very nice camera for film for those of us who have a 'stable' of EOS EF lenses.
  5. Nice one. I had the EOS600 it was my first AF SLR. Great camera and you should have a blast using it..
  6. Great old workhorse; mine's still going strong after all the years. Nice gift; this sort of happening gives this forum it's very special character.
  7. That's a good looking rig, Kayam. Ralf is indeed a gift to this forum and to the rest of us, not only for the generous spirit he shows, but also for his vast knowledge of so many things photographic. As for the weather, I hope it's good for you and for the rest of us so that we can all get out and shoot. Bring on Spring! Looking forward to your pictures, Kayam.
  8. I have the RT version of the 630. It is still as useful today as it was when new. Such a kind and gracious gesture from you co-worker Ralf.

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