Should I miss Fairbanks - Paxson or Denali Hwy in July ?

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  1. Hello,

    This question is related to July first week. We are flying in and out from Anchorage. We are interested in scenic and photographic spots and have two options -

    Anchorage - Cantwell - Paxson - Glennallen - Anchorage (via Denali Hwy -
    Anchorage - Cantwell - Fairbanks - Paxson - Glennallen - Anchorage (via Richardson Hwy -

    That means, either I can choose Denali Hwy (Cantwell to Paxson) and skip going to Fairbanks and then driving south on Richardson Hwy. Here I am missing Paxson to Fairbanks part.


    I can skip Denali Hwy, go to Fairbanks and come down south to Valdez. Here, I am missing Denali Hwy (Cantwell to Paxson)

    So my question is supposed to be, should I miss Cantwell to Paxson (via Denali Hwy) or missing Paxson to Fairbanks will be less hurting.

    Provided that there will be no rain and car is allowed on gravel road, which will give us better photo opportunities ?

    Obviously "better" is subjective, but want to get some idea, what should I expect from both routes and on what basis, I should decide.


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