Sharpest 50mm lens at any aperture under f/2.0

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  1. I'm way late to this party but would agree with the choice of an F100 if you want film and auto focus and overall quality, and like Nikon lenses. The only thing I'd be a little wary of is that when my wife was using an F 100 and got a very nice, sharp 50/1.4 D lens, it back focused, and there was no good way to compensate in AF for this. It's much better on digital cameras that allow fine tuning. But if you get a good lens, and it's either properly calibrated or manually focused, an F100 is grand.

    With that said, I'd also agree that with film, just about any good prime 50 will give you beautifully sharp images, and if you don't need AF and VR, you could pretty much pick your camera to go with whatever lens you find. One of the best lenses I've found, both in sharpness and overall image quality on film, was a first generation (55 mm. front thread and lots of metal) Minolta 50/1.7D that a generous Photonetter sent to me a few years ago, free with a working X700, which I would put in a close second place to the best 50 I've ever used, the Nikkor 50/F2 AI. If you're willing to give up that stop, there's a super-duper lens with no bad habits, and last I saw it was still dirt cheap. I've also used various 50's from various places, and would rate them so close in quality that it's kind of a wash, but those two stand out just a little.

    I'm not sure I'd go as far as Rodeo Joe's comparison here, hoping at least that some films have improved. I never exhausted the possibilities of all the fast films there were back a decade or so ago, but my results with anything over 400 was pretty dismal. And while I think there's little better and more beautiful than a good slide, I think even the best film is unlikely to challenge the sharpness of any decent lens, and I doubt real and useful differences will appear if you find a good camera that works, and a good fast 50, and use it right.

    As for myself, I just can't make myself go back to film except every once in a blue moon. The ability to waste shots on macros, and to change ISO with a flick of the finger, has seduced me.
  2. - Nah!
    Where's the incentive to pump R&D money into film? Or the expertise to make improvements?
    Not when you can just churn out the same old **** on the same old machinery, and people will lap it up and be grateful.
  3. BD18CC53-5C14-43CC-BED7-8BBF9C448AA4.jpeg 00D57D46-7033-4A7E-9BC8-AAED3A86BFB1.jpeg E79D2B9D-3802-40EC-BE17-FCFA83D9F36F.jpeg A9ACD48F-D135-4E95-92C5-79A4516198D6.jpeg I ended up buying a tamron 45mm vc in ef mount.

    Looking back, I should have bought the Nikon maybe as I hear that it works on the f100,f5,f6...probably others

    I have an eos 620 and it did not work. It autofocused but only after pressing the dof preview button. VC did not work at all.

    So I decided to buy the last film eos slr canon released instead of the first, the canon T2. It was 40 dollars. To my suprise I actually love this little camera, and it IS little. Also has 35zone metering, 3fps advance, 1/4000 shutter, built in flash and hot shoe, lighted lcd screen 7 af points I think and is the smallest and lightest camera I have ever used.

    And, AF + VC with the tamron work just fine on the t2. I’m getting keepers at 1/6 walking around the city at night with tmax400.

    This tells me that the tamron willl work on other never eos as well, but maybe not all. I’ll be buying a 3 or a 1v eventually, but for now I’m liking this setup. With the 40mm pancake, size is almost laughable.

    Fits in my (large) jacket pocket!
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