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  1. Good evening everybody.

    For the past year I have slowly but surely scanned the film archive of the dutch Tivoli observatory. I do this on a voluntary basis.
    Many of these photos were taken between the 60's and 90's, and contain photos of several older observatories. Some of the volunteers at the Tivoli observatory used to work at these older observatories.

    Among these photos is the construction of the Simon Stevin observatory, its Wurzburg Radar repurposed as a radio telescope, photos inside the observatory of presentations, telescope making, equipment and people.

    Most of the photos can be found here, and will be updated gradually.

    Unfortunately, due to the breakdown of my go-to film scanner, things will slow down.
    I am very great full to have received a donation from the observatory, so it should not take too long for new jewels to be preserved!

    Today I took the time to make a 4K video that shows the construction of the Wurzburg Radar at Simon Stevin.

    Unfortunately this powerfull radiotelescope is now gone, but the main telescope of Simon Stevin (12 inch maksutov) has been preserved and is in use at the Tivoli observatory.

    Also to be scanned are hundreds of rare dutch newspapers and other documents relating to unmanned and manned spaceflight.

    Best regards,
  2. Sounds like "fun", though scanning lots of images even if you don't have equipment problems can get a little "slow" sometimes.
    Thanks for the report.

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