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  2. Vincent Peri

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    Hmm... I'd like to jump on
    that! Does anyone know
    the conversion rate for
    bananas to dollars...?
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  3. Any price that is substantially lower than the best prices at one of the credible (e.g., B&H or Adorama) New York stores is unlikely to be anything but a scam.

    Do you feel lucky?
  4. If you don't realize that a 95% discount on high-end equipment is a scam, you ought to lock up your credit cards where you can't get to them. Even someone selling stolen goods isn't likely to discount by 95%.

    Notice that they offer financing on a camera that costs $75!

    Even for prices that aren't simply ludicrous, as these are, MDMvW's advice is spot on. If neither Adorama nor B&H has a similar price, buyer beware. In addition, for expensive equipement, I buy only from authorized dealers because I want the manufacturer to stand behind the product if something goes wrong. It hasn't happened often, but it does happen.
  5. Canon went out of business and nobody want to invest in the system. Better cut your losses while you can.
  6. Haha - "welcom to shop" and '95% price reduction' on all Canon DSLRs

    It's hilarious but dangerous too. I truly hope that nobody actually clicks on any of these links.

    IHMO, the very best that could happen is that you just lose your $100 or whatever. Much more serious risks are that scammers gain access to - and misuse - your personal details (including credit card/bank details). Or install Malware that does the same in the longer term or Ransomware that locks up your device unless you agree to pay for its release. Potentially very dangerous stuff.

    This site wasn't blocked or flagged by my internet security software but it does have a low "trust rating":
    - | Very bad trust index : 1 %
    - Review - Scam Detector

    I'll check whether I can report it anywhere for 'further investigation". Canon may be interested though I'm sure it's not the first time their brand (and others) have been misused in this way.

    What surprises me is the complete lack of subtlety in enticing visitors! A 'price reduction' of 10% - 15% on some good but somewhat older cameras might just be believable. I'm hopeful that a '95% reduction on all models' would set off alarm bells ringing loudly for almost anyone who visits the site. Unfortunately, I'm also pretty sure that the people behind the site know what they're doing. I suspect that this kind of website and 'pricing strategy' (how absurd it may look) still delivers the biggest payoff (whatever it may be).

    Just out of curiosity, @glen_h, how did you did find this website?

  7. I ordered one of their EOS RP deals on a whim (from China). Paid thru PayPal. Got PayPal to claw back my money 4 weeks later when no camera arrived. More than likely too good to be true.
  8. An understatement. Unless they have a supply of stolen cameras, their own cost would be many times what they are supposedly charging. Do you think Canon retailers have a 1900% markup?
  9. As I understand it, typical retail is 50% markup. That is, the markup is 50% of the selling price. (Not of the wholesale price, which would seem more obvious.)

    In any case, you commonly see clearance sales with 50% off, such that they are selling at cost.

    There might be some cases, though, especially of larger, hard to store items, where someone has to sell fast, even at a loss.
    That might be where moving and storage costs would be large enough that it is easier to just sell them.
    I have seen store closing sales which also sell the store fixtures, such as racks and display cases.
    (I have known sales when a store owed taxes, and the IRS doesn't give discounts.)

    But actually, I don't know Canon models enough to know if these are current or older models.

    When I first saw it, I thought it said 10% off, but then it says 10% of.
  10. I'm thinking about that bridge sale across the East River in New York... Don't do it!
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