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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by doug herr, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. I met Sal at the LHSA meeting in San Antonio a couple of years ago. He was the kind of guy you felt you had always known although you had just met him. Open and accommodating, his friendly comments and ?Happy Snaps? will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.
  2. Sal was a genuine giver-without-taking. My sincere condolences.
  3. Sad news indeed. I never actually met Sal in person, but his posts had become a familiar
    sight. My condolences to the family.

  4. This is sad. I had never met him, I did know Sal only from this forum and a few e-
    mails we had exchanged. he was always very nice and helpful. My condoleances to his
  5. Sad news. I also never met him in person, but became familiar with his "happy snaps" and his knowledge particularly about street, and photojouralism.
  6. I am sorry to hear about the passing of Sal DiMarco. He will be
    sorely missed by all of us.
  7. Happy snaps,Sal. It would be nice if this thread could stay on top
    for a while.
  8. I will also miss happy snaps, Sal. Wish his family well.
  9. A sad day indeed.
  10. Very sad news indeed and my condolences to his family. His
    posts were humorous yet professional and, while I never met
    him in person, I feel the loss.
    Sal is now in Leica Heaven... hopefully his new M 9 and R12 are
    working without faults! It is Heaven, you know, and even there the
    cameras should be perfect!
  11. Bye Sal,

    Sal seemed to like my 'Mad project', I am shure he won't mind me 'getting on top' of this thread.
  12. It feels as if I've lost a friend. This forum is special and Sal was one of those who made it a place I like to visit.

    Thank you Sal for all you've done for me, here.

  13. good bye to a calm, rational but still enthustiastic mind.

    Bye Sal from one of your many unknown post readers.
  14. Thank you, Sal for your happy posts. Rest in peace.

    My condolences to his family members.
  15. My condolences to Sal's family and friends. He always wrote upbeat and joyful posts, encouraging any and all to have fun in whatever they were doing. Amen.
  16. I always enjoyed and appreciated his comments.

    Happy Snaps, Sal.
  17. Oh, that is sad news!
  18. I will miss him too. Condolences to his family.
  19. I met Sal at the '03 Leica Annual Meeting in St. Louis. He was a gentleman and a Leica scholar. I enjoyed the time I spent with him, and I have enjoyed his posts. He will not be forgotten.
  20. World class guy. My sincere condolences.
  21. Sad news, indeed. Condolences to his family.
  22. Happy snaps, Sal!
  23. This is very sad news. I never met Sal in person, but have read his postings on the Leica forums and groups for many years. He always seemed to be a very nice person. We will miss him!
  24. Deep sadness on the passing on of this fine gentleman.<br>
    Condolences to his family.<p>
  25. bhk


    Sal & I had a brief e-mail correspondence recently and he was
    very helpful. I can't believe he's gone. I'm really saddened, it's a
    great loss.
  26. I always appreciated his thoughts and comments. He will be missed.
  27. Damn - far too young to go. Condolences to the family and friends.
  28. <br>Rest in peace.
  29. Thank you Doug for letting us all know. Shocking, shocking news. Sal and I exchanged many e-mails about all aspects of photography and life. He was a class act, always ready to help, or share his vast experience.

    My condolences to his family. He will be missed.
  30. Sorry to hear the sad news. Sal's comments were always upbeat and his presence on the forum will be missed. May he rest in peace.
  31. Sorry to hear this. He was one of the very few online Leica contributors (LUG,, Leica customer forum) who never lost his cool, no matter how provocative or
    downright idiotic the thread. His wisdom, experience and no BS attitude will be sorely
  32. Sad news, Sal was always the gentleman, and always had positive comments and help for people on this forum.
  33. Doug, all

    As a pirat, I have sailed this forum many times, the name Sal DiMarco became familiar, kind of promise of a good thread to read.

    I feel sort of sad, as a member of this part of the Net.

  34. Sal's death is a real loss to this forum and to photo enthusiasts everywhere, from seasoned pros like Sal's colleagues all the way down to beginners like me.
  35. Always a sad day to have someone like Sal pass away.

    If there were a way to make this thread "sticky" for a while, believe me I would do it. But the PN forums don't allow for that.

    So it's up to everyone here to keep the thread going for as long as needed.
  36. What a loss...I knew Sal , he was very active in LHSA. He was indeed
    a fine photojournalist, but more importantly, a gentleman. No vanity
    with Sal...a class act as Doug expresses.
  37. Very sad news. I'll miss his contributions. My condolences to his family. Rest in peace.
  38. ray


    Such sad news. Sal will surely be missed by the photographic community. May he rest in
  39. Very sad news indeed. His posts were always worth reading. Never had the good fortune to
    meet him in person, but he sent me an email or two on a lens question I had. I hope his
    family and friends know how many people will miss him.

  40. I had the chance to meet Sal as a teenager when I was involved in the Boy Scouts in suburban Philadelphia where I grew up. Sal was a staff photographer at the Philadelphia Bulletin and gave us a great tour of the facilities. He was one of the folks that provided the "spark" for me to further pursue photography professionally. Later when I was in college I worked as a custom printer at a suburban pro lab in Philly and Sal would use us to print some of his work, the great cover he had of the bicentenial of the US Constitution celebration that appeared on the cover of Time was one of the great shots I remember printing for him. He was a really nice guy and I will miss his contributions here. Great guy, terrible loss.
  41. I never met him but he was way too young to die and he'll be missed.
  42. god he only emailed me the other week, terribly sad news.
  43. As you know he was "hard-core" Leica. One of his favorite stories involved his
    love for Leica. He was handling someone's Nikon one day and the guy tried
    to take Sal's picture with Sal holding the Nikon. Just as he was ready to fire,
    Sal just dropped the Nikon on the floor so he wouldn't be photographed with
    it. He'd already warned the guy he'd drop the Nikon if he tried to take Sal's
    picture holding a Nikon.

    So, he was a true believer. Sal will be missed.
  44. I spent most of a day with Sal at the Smithsonian's Garber Air & Space storage facility in 2002, on the Leica photo shoot Mitch Zeisler organized. He took a liking to the collapsible rubber lens shade on my 50mm Summilux, and we got on well the rest of the day. He sent a photo he took of me and grandson Conor that day on an M7 he was trying out--he reported that all exposures were on automatic mode, and they were "spot on." We communicated all few times since then, and he was always quick to respond with a kind word or technical advice. His responses to this forum were always informative and never sarcastic. Always a gentleman, I'm sure he and General Roy Moss have reconnected--and are continuing their friendly disagreements.

    r/ Wayne Gardner
  45. I remind a picture of him and his son, he seemed like a perfect father, I am so sorry to read this, hope our condolences can reach his family, I propouse on omenage to him in this forum, what do you think?

  46. It is very sad to learn of the death of my friend Sal
    DiMarco, Jr. Sal contributed
    greatly to the LHSA and he was serving as the Director
    of Special Events for the upcoming 2004 LHSA Annual
    Meeting in Williamsburg.
    Happy snaps, Sal. We will miss you.
  47. wow -- i feel terrible. sal was probably the best photog here, but also the most humble. he was always quick to respond to a question or a request for help. he never had a bad word to say about anybody and no one ever had a bad word to say about him. i am so sorry to hear that he is gone. i will really miss him.

    happy snaps sal!!
  48. Sorry, It shall read HOMAGE, (tribute).
  49. i am sorry to hear this.....

  50. I mostly lurk on this forum but whenever I saw Sal DiMarco's name I knew the message would be in best faith and from a true gentleman.

    I have never any of the people on this forum and had never met Sal DiMarco, but I truly felt sad reading this.

    Wishing him and his family all the best in difficult times.

  51. I offer my prayer.
  52. This is so sad...
    Rest in peace Sal.
  53. a gentleman and a great photographer
  54. Sad news. Sal was always the gentleman in his posts to this forum as well as the Leica Customer Forum. His insight and positive attitude will be missed.
  55. I had the opportunity to met Sal at several Leica Days here in Bryn Mawr PA. He was always so upbeat and such a gentlemen. He was very helpful at giving me points on how to use my Leica better. At the end of one session, he gave me his business card so that we could stay in touch. He was genuinely generous with his knowledge and we've all lost a great person and Leicaphile. May his memory be a blessing.
    Daniel Kremens
  56. Jost got to read about his untimely passing. This is very sad news indeed. My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.
  57. I ate dinner next to Sal at the LHSA annual meeting in Boston at the Saturday night meal. A great guy. I will miss his posts here. My best to his family for their loss.
  58. like so many that leave a mark on the net, I only ever knew his name

    Sal DiMarco , jun 11, 2004; 07:52 a.m.

    First of all the Capitol Dome echoes sound. Secondly, there were ONLY one or two
    photographers on the floor and it looked like they were kept about 30 feet away. The
    majority of the photogs were on risers working with a minimum of a 300mm f/2.8 to
    a 600mm f/4 lenses. Any one limiting themselves to a Leica rangefinder with a
    135mm is out of luck. In the meeting rooms on the Hill, photographers can only use
    their motors during the swearing-in of the witness, after that it's single punching.
    One must use an SLR for this assignment. Happy Snaps, Sal

    His last post
  59. Just wanted to share a memory of Sal. I met him in 2002 when I was doing PR for a photographic paper company. He printed one of his photos of Philadelphia and gave it to me as a gift. I had no personal connection to Philadelphia so did not initially hang it in my house. My family has a newly established connection to Philadelphia (here's an article about it) so I dusted off Sal's photo and hung it in our house. I see Sal's autograph every day on my way to the kitchen. This morning I thought, I'm going to track down Sal and tell him I look at that photo every day. So sorry to hear this news. My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

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