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  1. B&H will not ship Rodinal. If shipping Rodinal is prohibited, how does it get to the photo store?
  2. Shipping is not prohibited. B&H opted to go with FEDEX and their 3
    days shipment does not allow hazardous materials to be shipped. Call
    Adorama. They will ship it UPS ground. I switched to Adorama
    completely because of that. Adorama's prices are either the same or
    slightly cheaper.
  3. As implied above, there are only problems when shipping Rodinal via
    air freight. Calumet (in the Chicago area) also ships Rodinal via UPS.
  4. Rodinal is in fact shipped via airmail. Orders from Fotoimpex in
    Berlin are always shipped airmail, even though they may contain
    Rodinal or Calbe R09. The US postal service has to pass on parcels
    that have been accepted by the German postal service as being in
    accordance with mail regulations. In past emails I have stressed that
    Calbe R09, which is the original Rodinal formula, has much better
    working characterstics than AGFA Rodinal -- finer grain, better
    tonality, better acutance. The plastic container for Calbe R09 is
    certified for mail transportation in Europe and therefore can be
    shipped airmail to the US. People having problems buying Rodinal
    mailorder should consider purchasing Calbe R09 instead.
  5. Is Calbe R09 available from a U.S. seller? I thought Rodinal was
    Rodinal, unchanged over many years.
  6. AGFA Rodinal obviously is very different to the classic AGFA formula.
    Simply have a look at the ingredients listed on the bottle. AGFA
    Rodinal now contains a restrainer, R09 does not and is very clear
    working. Also R09 is more concentrated, which means that AGFA Rodinal
    is more "watered down". The results differ a lot in a direct
    comparison and everything speaks for R09. By the way: R is short for
    Rodinal. 09 designates the receipe no 9 in the AGFA receipe book.
    Calbe was formerly part of ORWO, the East German AGFA company. When
    the two companies split up in the 1970s and East German AGFA gave up
    its name and trademarks they started selling Rodinal under the new
    name R09. Unfortunately it is not available through a US dealer, but
    Fotoimpex is an excellent source. They are specializing in male order
    to the US and have special shipping rates. Look for my other postings
    concerning the differences between the two "Rodinals".
  7. One of the benefits of Rodinal is that it is a very long lasting
    concentrated developer. Most people purchase one bottle at a time.
    When purchasing Rodinal via mail order in the US, most people order
    other products at the same time to offset the shipping overhead.
    Ordering a single bottle of R09 from Europe is probably not
  8. The actual prices may have changed, but a 250mm bottle of
    Calbe /Classic R09 was around only $4! The "standard" dilution is
    1:40 instead of 1:25 of AGFA Rodinal thus makin R09 go further than
    the AGFA product. I use it a 1:100, which give me 25 liters of
    working solution. The flat fee shipping fee of Fotoimpex used to be
    roughly equal to the hazardous material surcharge (that applies for
    Rodinal in the US) plus the shipping and handling fee from the large
    US mail order companies. I did not see much of a difference even for
    one bottle shipped in from Europe and -- as you point out -- you can
    order several at a time to make it more economical. Also it is not
    only the price the makes me buy R09, it is the better quality.
  9. After reading several posts about photoimpex in Berlin being a source
    of Foma film and Calbe R09 film developer, I have tried contacting
    them via e-mail several times with no response. Any suggestions from
    those who have done business with them? I also learned of a new USA
    source for Calbe R09 developer, Efke film, and 100 speed Foma film. I
    bought a few rolls of 25 speed 120 film from them on ebay, and
    inquired about other European products. They stock the films mentioned
    and have the Calbe developer on order. They will contact me when it
    arrives, and I will then be able to update this post regarding price.
    Any suggestions that could be offered in regard to processing times
    with the Calbe developer would be appreciated, I'm returning to
    photography and darkroom work after a 25 year absence. I have found
    this forum very
  10. Oops, forgot to list the e-mail of the US source for Calbe R09. It's
  11. I contacted last week about Efke film. They replied to
    my email the next day (though they were out of stock!). So they do
    seem to answer email. Give them another try.
  12. J & C Photo is the North American distributor for Photo Impex. The products, and especially the prices are great! (And that's from a Canadian dealing with the U.S./CDN exchange rate!!!) For example: The Classic Polywarmtone fibre paper (Triple Weight) is actually Forte paper, and even with the poor exchange rate, on an order for 50 sheets of 16x20, I'm able to save close to $100.00 over what it would cost me to buy it here in Vancouver, B.C. That's a very significant savings.

    I may try R09, but in the meantime there's no shortage of Rodinal here in town. But I'm definitely going to be purchasing the Classic 200(Forte) sheet film, again for the great cost savings on a decent product.

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