Returning after many years off.

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by jim_gardner|4, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Hi, I have just been browsing the site after a lay off of about 6 or 7 years. Wow, its changed a lot!
    I am having a bit of trouble navigating the "new" site and have a few questions.
    1. I seem to remember that years ago I could click on something like "my forums" which would list the forums I was most interested in and leave out those I wasnt. Does this still exist and if so, how do I set it up?
    2.In the various forums, I'm fairly sure there was a "film" category. I.E.photographs that were taken on film, not digital. Does that exist or are film users so few not that its all under one banner?

    Many thanks, I will make more time to explore the site but a headstart would be great. Jim.

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