recommendations for adding GPS to Nikon D8xx models

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  1. Had an Aokatec AK-G1s receiver for my D800e. It worked well, but as the reviews noted when it came out in 2012?, it was prone to detach itself from the 10-pin connector. I found it the first three times it fell off; I didn't the fourth time. Are there any better units now available? I found the Solmetma GeoTagger 3 and the Dawn Eco ProFessional2 on the web, but it isn't clear they are any better, and they are noticeably more $. The Nikon unit, from what I've read, is way overpriced and eats batteries. Thanks.
  2. There's this and similar devices.

    Having a hotshoe mounted device works well for me.

    My solution was to DIY build a bluetooth modem with connection to the 10 pin socket. I already had a few bluetooth connected GPS modules lying around, so for me it was a cheap solution.

    I later found that Garmin and other sat-nav devices use a common small GPS module providing serial data that can be easily interfaced to the Nikon 10 pin connector. The tricky part is finding a cable with serial connections to a Nikon 10 pin plug.

    Anyhow. That's pretty much by-the-by. Point is that a hotshoe mounted and cable-connected GPS 'dongle' is a lot easier to fit and harder to lose.
  3. You might want to check out gps4cam for your iphone/android. It's a GPS tracker for your smart phone. There is an app that sits on your mac/pc that then geoencodes your photos when you are done.There is no attachment to the camera so it pretty much works with everything.

    I discovered it after my camera got stolen with my gps hardware attached.

    I've used it on both the iPhone and Android. The iPhone suffers from 'jobs bs rules' and the app stops running when it is not in the foreground. Not the apps fault, that's an apple design flaw. It works perfectly in every way on the android.
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    I have today the gps from, and it is functioning very well. There is a strong string attached to the unit, which you attach to the spring ring on the camera house, but I have not experience, that it detach itself from the 10-pin socket. I have had 3 different brands in the past, but this one is far better, based on 2 years/30k photos experience.
  5. I see that most of the dongles that attach directly to the 10 pin socket have the locking threaded collar that would prevent accidental loss. However, most of the designs make it awkward, if not impossible, to get access to the collar to turn it with your fingers.

    Perhaps a design that has a pass-through socket could be 'permanently' screwed to the camera with the aid of long-nosed pliers?
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    For years I have been using Nikon's own GP-1 and GP-1a, which are identical units but the connection cable is a bit different. They work well for me, but the 10-pin connection to the high-end Nikon SLRs is a pain to use, as there is little room to screw that on.

    Last year I bought two Dawn Tech GPS from Hong Kong. I bought one first; after determining that it worked well, I bought a second one. But again, screwing something onto the 10-pin connection is a pain. If you don't screw it on tight, the GPS can fall off. Eventually I lost one of them last week in some park. I have an idea when that happened because at some point my images suddenly don't have the CPS tag any more.

    Dawn Tech has a new model now, and I may buy another one, but it is important to screw it on tight and tighten it again once in a while.
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    The model I have is with a pass-though socket and it is screwed in "permanently" with the help of a long-nosed plier, which I have lost 4 of, as I always have one in my bag, and going through security check in the local airport, the loved to confiscate it -:) I have asked Dawn Tech to make the collar identical to the one on Nikon MC-20 remote control, which is slight longer, and even I can screw it in with my fat fingers. :) I have the ECO PROFESSIONAL 2 (WITH DIGITAL COMPASS) unit
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