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  1. The rubberized covering on my Fuji XT10 has started to peal away on the left had side. What is the best glue to use to reattach it?
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    Pliobond rubber solution is widely recommended, at least for real leather and leatherette coverings. You can get it at Micro-tools (.com or .de in Europe; I am not connected to either except as an occasional customer). I have used it and it works well. Like the rubber solution in puncture kits, you spread it on and let it all but dry before putting the covering in place. The only concern is if the solvent might attack a synthetic covering.
    I have also used double-sided tape for this job. Not the stuff you might get as stationery; you can get tape with stronger glue than that.
  3. Thanks, I found some rubber cement in the cupboard so I might try that. This cover is more rubbery than leatherette.
  4. The best stuff I've found for this is a craft product called Aleene's Tacky Glue. This is basically a white glue with enough body and adhesion that it will hold the covering without clamping. The advantage of this is that although it holds well, it's relatively easy to get off, and it does not leave too tenacious a residue on the camera or body, and though it adheres well, unlike contact cement or rubber cement, it allows you to adjust things after they're together.

    I've used this a number of times for things like the removal of covers that have to come off for access to screws and electronics, such as the covers on old Nikon Prisms.

    You can find this at a number of craft stores or craft departments.
  5. I strongly recommend against the use of Pliobond adhesive. It is too strong, and the skin can't be removed without destroying it. Matthew's suggest sounds like a good choice. I think camera makers use a double-sided tape with silicone adhesive. White glue can be softened with steam or moisture. Silicone us usually weak enough to peel freely without damaging the skin.
  6. Rubber cement was no good, I'll try Aleenes tomorrow. Thanks.
  7. Contact cement. You only need a tiny bit, then hold the cover in place while it dries with a rubber band or a weight. Might be tough to take it off later, but do you want to do that anyway? No, you want to glue it firmly on. I am sure that lighter fluid could get it off if you absolutely had to. I have even used plain old Elmer's white glue in a pinch. The main thing is to keep the cover firmly in place overnight while it dries.

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