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  1. Hi my name is Jennifer. I haven’t been active on the site in several years. I find I still love beautiful things and seeing through the lens. I was introduced to photography over 20 years ago. However, I have never really had the financial means to get the equipment. Right now, I am pretty poor and limited to an iPhone and places very close to home. Thankfully I live in the beautiful Shenandoah valley of Virginia. I love weather, color, and the beauty and wonder of creation. I consider myself a newbie in many ways because of my lack of technical understanding of digital and almost zero knowledge of post processing. However, I believe photograghy isn't just about the rules, anymore than poetry is just about grammar. Simple love of it makes up for a lot. I would like to do this as more than a hobby but I need improvement in know-how and confidence. I always appreciate honest feedback and the unlimited experience of many members on the site.
  2. Welcome Jennifer. Your iPhone can take great pictures. I briefly traveled through the valley on my way from Saxe Virginia, through Blacksburg and then cross-country to California. It is a beautiful place.
  3. Welcome back

    Wonderful things are being done with phone cameras, so no need to apologize, or even limit yourself to the phone forum.

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