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    08-111_2305 - TONY0118 - Marsh harrier 001.jpg

    Marsh Harrier - heavily cropped
  4. HoofArted

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  5. Spar1A_web0.jpg
  6. common kestrel (falco tinnunculus)
    0004a Cernícalo Común-NAFS200-400GEDVRII.jpg Nikkor AF-S 20-400 G Ed VRII (270) on DX
  7. Where was this image taken? It certainly is not a Common Kestrel - looks more like a (Eurasian/Northern) Sparrowhawk to me (see Colin's image above).
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  8. Tanzania-Buzzard-in-Euphorbia.jpg
    Tanzanian Buzzard (Augur?)
    genus Buteo
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