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  1. Not sure that's the case Mike. Have you read Bystander? Joel Meyerorwitz is one of co-authors. I tend to believe style derives out of shooting enough. My photos may not follow a style, but I can always tell which pics are mine :) For many, shooting in the street was more of an activity, a process for tuning in and getting in sync with the street. Its no mistake that a lot of what we consider street photography evolved in New York, Paris and London where there are active streets. But its certainly not confined to big cities, but more of a way of taking pictures.
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  2. For me, when I look at a photo, I look to see what the photographer is seeing, to understand the language of that image and why they are presenting it.

    Rarely does a photographer take a photo without some thought or rhyme or reason.

    With any photo you have to look and look again.
  3. Anyway, time for me to move on till next weekend. Thanks particularly, for you photos, I enjoyed looking at.

    And the words were interesting.

    So, until we meet again.
  4. "For many, shooting in the street was more of an activity, a process for tuning in and getting in sync with the street. [....] more of a way of taking pictures." barry
  5. I know some people describe this type of photography as "zen" or "jazz". The posts got me to thinking and looking at some of my pics. What I mean is there is rhythm in in activity in the streets. Being "in sync with the street" to me means sensing something that sticks out, and being able to perceive it, even anticipate it and capture that moment. It can be the creation of geometrics by arrangement of people that just happens. It can be a person "going against the grain", an off conjunction with background etc. It can be an interesting lighting that occurs. Something that makes a moment jump out at you, and then being in-tune enough to be able to catch it. Could be comibination of the above, or an interesting looking person, or an interesting body posture or facial gesture. It can be a moment of contact.
    Couple of examples hope they help understand what I'm trying to say.

    Against the grain: 2 examples


    [​IMG]Untitled by https://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/18585860-orig.jpg[/IMG]
  6. Lots of good stuff here. Really liked" state of the art photo". Nick D.

    Indeed, a state of the art..
  7. And time rolls on.

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