QD System For Z ii Brackets.

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  1. I came across this whilst looking at Z series accessories.....


    and noted on the spec this..
    • Change vertical or horizontal orientation without losing the center of axis
    • Arca-type compatible dovetail design
    • Sensor centering lines on the rear of bracket
    • Complete access to battery door and camera ports
    • No interference to LCD screen movement
    • Compatible with the FTZ adaptor
    • Compatible with the industry standard QD (Quick Disconnect) System
    • Machined from black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
    I guess i've missed something, but I've never heard of the QD System, certainly not as an industry standard!

    I Googled it and 80% of the results relate to slings and swivels for firearms. Maybe that's why I've never come across it here in the gun-free UK!

    The manufacturer's site shows what it's about.

    Quick Disconnect System | Kirk Photo

    Anyone use it? Anything worth knowing about?
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  2. Looks like a worthy new(?) gadget, provided the connection is secure. It's similar to the connection for Black Rapid (screw in) but seems easier to use - and hopefully more secure. I remember being wary using a black rapid.

    PS: Looks like it's been around for a few years for the L-bracket / L-plate.
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  3. The larger hole on the bottom. It mates to a post on certain sling-type camera straps. You press a button on the frob on the strap for quick release.

    FWIW I have the (substantially less expensive) Smallrig bracket on my Z7, which I think also fits the 6ii/7ii, and it's excellent.
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  4. I agree with Andy, the smallrig brackets are excellent on the Z series. Just tall enough on the main grip to support my little finger.
    Currently available on Amazon UK for just over £40... bargain.
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  5. I think Ed_Ingold might be using one - he's been referring to the Magpul sling a few times.
    Not liking the Black-Rapid connectors one bit, I opted for the Carryspeed straps instead - only to not like them in use any better. I am now on the PeakDesign connectors and so far, they have been doing just fine and are easy to connect to almost anything while allowing a strap to be removed without much effort.
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  6. I use L-brackets by Really Right Stuff. All the ports and battery are easily accessible, and the distance between the upright and the camera is adjustable. Recent RRS plates have holes bored to accept a Mil-Spec quick release used for rifle slings. My sling is a Magpul double/single point style configured as single point. RRS sells them, but they're mostly out of stock due to the demand created by the 2020 election and Magpul's recent move from Colorado to the Free State of Texas.

    Plates and replacement feet for heavy lenses are bored for the QR too.

    The connectors are very secure, but it's prudent to give them a tug in case they're not fully engaged. A drop of oil from time to time helps keep them in good shape. There should be no drag or roughness in the button.
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  7. Dieter, thank you for mentioning this. I have opted for the Peak Design Leash for the slimmer strap. Hope it's the right decision. Thanks again.
  8. I have "Cuffs" on all my camera bodies; it's my preferred way of "securing" the camera; I consider it a "safety line". I own two "Slides" for years now but have not actually used them in earnest as I prefer to either carry the camera in hand or stuffed back in the bag. My main objection to the Carryspeed had been that it didn't operate as smoothly as advertised; something always got in the way. Not a friend of single-attachment point shoulder straps no matter how secure the connector seems to be (they usually aren't the weak spot anyway). Of course, if one of the two connectors for the "Slide" or "Leash" gives way, then the camera/lens combo will slide off your shoulder as well - but at least there's the slim chance to grab it while its moving.
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  9. I've met the PeakDesign 'discs on strings' before... and recent annoyances with swapping between a neckstrap to body lugs and then handstrap to long tele loop have made me re-evaluate.

    My problem is that there's always something left on the camera lugs when I use a strap on the tele's tripod foot or lens loops.

    If the PeakDesign discs had a little magnet, they could stick to a little magnet on the body and not wizz around like disco bongers...:(

    Maybe they already do?
  10. I have up to three on each camera body (two on the strap lugs and one on the L-plate) - never bothered me none. I carry the 500PF or 200-500 in hand by the tripod foot - and the camera-connected "Cuff" is just long enough to allow for the reach. I doubt I would use the same arrangement with any lens heavier than the 200-500 though.
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  11. I don't have experience with Peak Design straps (or Carryspeed), though I enjoy their camera bags when not carrying too many pieces of equipment. I like the reviews of these straps and the connections (so far). I opted for the "leash" as its strap is not so wide, and mirrorless is not so big and heavy. Dieter, I will try the "Cuffs" sometime if the leash turns out satisfactory. Thanks.
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  12. The Peak Design Leash arrived yesterday. The design is surely safer and more flexible than that of the regular strap; the connectors look secure. It resolves my worry over the unpleasant experience of a strap coming loose at a critical moment - I had considered sewing the strap-joints above the eyelets. Also, the width of the Leash is narrow and just perfect for the smallish Nikon Z.

    I am glad to have learned about this alternative here. Indeed it can also be used as a "leash" to walk my dog in a pinch. ;)
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  13. Had a nice chat with Bernie at PeakDesigns about possible ways of stashing the anchors when not attached to a cuff or strap. There were a few tails involving ears and noses, but apparently the cord used is quite stiff and doesn't whizz around too much.
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  14. they have not long ago improved the cord, as the first one (gray) could brake after relative short use. The present black is stronger and also easier to detach from the strap. I use Slide for D810 and D850 and a Leash for the D7200 with 50mm upto 105mm normally. The Leash is only 1cm which is not enough for D850 and 70-200mm or heavier.
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  16. No wonder. Now every anchor comes with a tag showing a 3-layered cord - Black on the outer-most, yellow in the middle, and red at the innermost. A warning below says "! replace if yellow inner core becomes visible!". Another note says: "Rated to 200+ lbs 90+ kg of force".

    Good deal.
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