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  1. I guess I'll start the thread this week. I had a few successful photo outings this week. The first was after another October snow storm. It's been a snowy fall here and some people are already climbing and skiing some of the local mountains. I probably would be this weekend myself except I'm on call for my software job and have to stay in cell range and somewhat close to computer in case I have to help a client. (I hate being on call!)
    I liked the two tone look of this tree.
    K-5 & DA 18-135 wr
    I went out another morning before work when the clouds looked interesting to the pond nearby.
    K-5 & DA15
    Finally, on Friday night I brought my family out with me to shoot the rising full moon and prenumbral lunar eclipse. I've had this shot in mind for a while and conditions were good for it Friday. My son got some nice shots too and was excited about it which is fun to see! This shot was very popular on social media which was fun. The eclipse effect is subtle and only visible here and the top of the moon being a little lighter. The lower 70% is in the soft edge of the Earth's shadow.
    K-5 & DA* 60-250
  2. Matt, your moon shot is superb, really an excellent composition!
    For me this week, a couple from the local pumpkin patch...
  3. The kids really had the most fun feeding the goats. This cute little guy was very friendly!
  4. Erf, those are K-50 not K-30, the ol' brain went kablooie on me there...
  5. This one is was taken a few weeks ago, but I've been sitting in meetings ever since and didn't get a chance to post anything. Taken with a K20D and D-FA 100 2.8 Macro in Hlane Game Reserve in Swaziland.
  6. Matt, Are you aware that the rock in your moon shot looks like an owl? Great shot!
  7. stemked

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    wow, Wow, WOw, WOW! Matt BEAUTIFUL images, especially that third one.
    I am living in a strange world, my home computer is dead so I'm trying to do everything off my tablet, which has its limitations. Anyway, here are a few from this week.
    Union Co, IL 15mm f4 Pentax Ks11
    Black Rat Snake, IL Pentax K5ii, 100macro
    Flying Trumpter Swans, Kalamazoo, Mich, Pentax 600mm f5.6, Pentax K5ii
  8. A bit sunlight thru the forest walk -in
  9. last pic
  10. .
    #1 Global Winds

    K-5 and Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.0
  11. .
    #2 Transamerica
    K-5 and Sigma 17-70
  12. .
    #3 Shadow Display


    K-5 and Sigma zoom
  13. Thanks for the comments! I'm happy this one finally came together - I have been thinking about a shot like this for a couple of years.
    Matt, Are you aware that the rock in your moon shot looks like an owl? Great shot!​
    No, and I'm not seeing it, but my ability to picture it as such may forever be tainted by the several rude names it has comparing it to a certain body part. ;)
  14. Pentax K20D with Kiron 28mm f/2 (at f/4). Converted to monochrome and toned.
  15. Last one from me, I promise. :)
  16. Nice shots all
    I do see the owl in the tall stone . I also see the Grinch
    I went for a walk along an old highway near here.
    The first one is with my *istDL and m 80-200
  17. Next taken with K-30 and kit 18-55 lens
  18. The last one was taken same set up s the second one
  19. Sitting in a park in Zurich
  20. one pice of my first vegan and palmoil free carrot & banana cake for Matt for his great contributions.
  21. and a living sample from the same park
  22. Matt, awesome moon / landscape image! Well, the government shutdown didn't ruin my wife and my trip to Acadia National Park. I didn't really get many good shots but here's a couple.
    Early morning light and no traffic on the roads.
  23. #2 Walking in the opposite direction on the way to a hike.
  24. #3 Wide Open Spaces . Even though we were in the northeastern most tip of the U.S. where it's hard to get expansive views like Matt's western images, Acadia has many hikes similar to the west with wide open spaces. The view from Gorham Mt.
  25. Thanks for the kind comments! I have been enjoying my little photo missions lately.
    Nice shots all around but the ones that caught my eye were:
    Douglas - that sunset shot is nice. I like the shapes in your composition and of course the color. Could use just a little straighten I think.
    Hin - love the shadows! Very cool shot.
    Markus - yes please! Looks delicious.
    Nice scenery Bob!

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