Post Processing Challenge 15th April 2017

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  1. Hi Folks, another challenge I hope you can find something in this.
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  2. My adjustments to this I'm were: Curves in Multiply blend mode at 45% on the trees and left building; S-Curve on the sky to enhance the contrast; Exposure dropped ⅓ stop on the bright white areas; Color fill in Color blend mode for the bright white areas; Exposure layer to raise shadows via Blend-If; On1 Dynamic Contrast plus vignette; Cropped a bit off the bottom and right. Canal Enhanced.jpg
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  3. Just little curves correction and USM.

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  4. I wanted to reduce the number of details in the photo, so I played with various croppings in CS5. I finally decided on the cropping out the left side. I used some minor adjustments in NIK ColorEfex tonal contrast, and increased saturation. PPC 4-16 2.jpg
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  5. Like Glenn, thought I would concentrate on the right of the image
    Lightroom - cropped and slight rotation of -1.41. Basic global adjustements of contrast +9, highlights -100, shadows +100, blacks -26, clarity +52
    adjusted white balance -10 and -23 tint, increased aqua and blue saturation and luminance
    Applied 2 graduated filters and 3 lots of brush for local adjustements

  6. Sorry for late start:

    [​IMG]© Ron Hyde 2016-PN-ProcessingChallenge4-1-15-2017 by David Stephens, on Flickr

    Processed with DxO Optics Pro 11.3.1
    Cropped 3:2, reducing near-field OOF area.
    Black point adjusted to zero
    WB on white shadow on one of the boats, but TOO blue, so I warmed it partly back up to recognize the low sun
    Applied "ClearView" adjustment at 50 (a mix of saturation and contrast adjustments)
    Raised micro-contrast to +30 to show more detail in the clouds
    Lowered overall exposure -10 to reduce white blowout
    Reduced Highlights a further -41 to get rid of most white blowout (left some meaningless touches here and there)
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  7. Initially, I used the low key filter in Color Efex to adjust tonal levels and contrast. I then converted the image to b&w using Silver Efex, and used a control point to highlight the pedestrians in the left center area.
  8. Sorry, but I can't see your file.
  9. Still trying to reach a comfort zone on this site . . . Sorry for muddying up the thread..

    1447859_9d6c31c0384c29d760dc8c1b006d1038 copy.jpg
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