Post Global Strip on Zorki 4 & N61 LD

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  1. Way back on Sunday I tried one more “Bad lens” that I restored. It is a black Industar 61 LD; it had a lot of fungus and dirt and frozen dried up grease or soap [some green stuff]. Cleaned it all up and took it with my Zorki 4 body and an Orange filter. Here are some sample shots from the same.
  2. I used the usual ORWO UN54 ASA 100 film and the home brew for developing. The light kept changing on my way back with the cloud moving in bunches.
  3. This is an early model of the Zorki 4 series. Has articulated window frames and engraved lettering. I feel that these were made better than the latter years' models per quality, though the design did not change.
  4. This row was a part of the old village called Bileka Halli. It provided some services to early locators like IIMB. Later the garment factory of Coates Viyella was located here. They used to make brand names like Phillip Louis, Peter England, Van Heusen etc. These were exported out the country and consumed locally as well. With that start the services exploded due the demands of the Global software and medical services giants.
  5. We have had a very late Monsoon this year. It is still raining everyday.
  6. Traffic was this heavy even for Sunday forenoon.
  7. Western union is aligned with many Banks here, as well as the Post Office. India Postal system has traditionally extended Savings Bank facilities. They were the first to provide Banking services to remote rural areas.
  8. These retailers of liquor are small business men. They are not part of any chain.
  9. The network providers are large conglomerates, obviously.
  10. These are usually owned by the designers themselves. They mostly make outfits for the working girls and college girls. There is a definite generation bias in this enterprise.
  11. The local pictures from 4 to 8 were made today in the rainy weather. I used 1/100 sec [this does not have 1/125 sec.] and f/5.6 mostly. I like the performance of this lens, though it came in with a bunch of "6 bad lenses;" they cost only $2 a piece. Thanks for viewing and your comments. Regards, sp.
  12. You are truly the master of the FSU camera repair. I have to get one of those filters for my little FSU babies. Great snap to your photos.
  13. Bravo!
    I suppose the green is verdigris from the copper in the brass? Combined with some sort of 'grease' packed in the lens to make it "smooth' when it was new? I think it was a way around "tight tolerances" in manufacturing.
    Now if you can only figure out how to repair (not replace with a waterhouse stop, mind) a Meyer Domiplan automatic diaphragm, you will achieve something like divinity (the apotheosis of SP) in my eyes. Does your KW guy know how to do it? :)
  14. Another worthwhile project completed, SP, and more fine images to show for it. I can't help but compare your busy streets with the empty ones that feature in most of my photographs, and I'm sure you must find creative stimulation in the hustle and bustle. The two 61's I have both seem to move freely so I've never been tempted to pull them apart. The characteristic "gritty" images are very Tessar-like, in my opinion, but then the construction of the Tessar and Industar 61 is very similar, as I recall. Do you find any difference in performance between the 61 and the 61/L series?
    Dramatic tones with that orange filter; thanks for another fascinating post.
  15. Very Nice post capturing the life on the Bgatta Road
  16. Sabbarayan, The last couple of groups of photos you have posted seem to have a lot more snap to them than previous ones which were, to my screen at least, low of contrast, like they had been printed from underdeveloped negs. or taken where the atmospherics were very smoggy. If you have changed your processing techniques it's working. One humble opinion. I've no real interest in the theme here, old vintage cameras, but often enjoy seeing the slices of daily life you provide from your part of the world. So, you see, you are providing a valued service to at least two groups of people. Stay with it. Best, LM.
  17. Thanks Ed; if you have difficulty getting filters for that size let me know. There are some guys in Delhi who make them. JDM, Thanks; I have not tried the Domiplan with Mr Yazdhani of KW. It cost so little and I bought two of them; one is working well. When the seller heard that one was not working he sent me a free Praktica LLC black body, as gift! Rick, I have not tried out any in-depth comparison between the N61 and N61 LD. They both seem to work well, about the same in B&W pictures. Have not tried any colour pictures yet. I suspect that the Lanthanum glass may have something to do with the refractive index in order to enhance the design. I should do some reading on this. Thanks for prompting me. Thank you Vasudevan. Thanks for your response Len; I make an effort to improve the home-brew all the time. Also, I try to find something interesting to photograph with the few cameras, I have. Vintage or not, the camera by itself has a limited interest for me. Learning to repair and renew them and making interesting pictures are more fun. Regards, sp.
  18. Great restoration job, Subbarayan. Great sharpness and contrast. You do well getting the most out of FSU cameras.
    Thanks for posting.
  19. Another lens saved ! Good Job. I note the higher contrast images and the more open f-stop. This is certainly related to the orange filter. This Zorki looks really nice the fit and finish are excellent probaby a by-product of your restoration skills.
    Like Rick noted lots of hustle and bustle in your part of the world. Here it's overcrowded too many people in the same place.
    So thereS' always something going on and it's rarely peaceful except on Fridays!
  20. Hi Subbarayan. You must get a great deal of satisfaction in restoring that lens and taking those photographs with it . They are very interesting shots. Well done !
  21. That is an impressive looking camera that appears to be in mint condition. It is a great performer with you at the controls.
    BTW, as a snippet of news from Seattle, the state of WA is considering returning the Evergreen Point floating bridge (SR 520) to toll bridge status with a $3.50 toll for peak rush hours and lesser amounts for other times. When you were last here, the toll was $0.20 if you bought a book of tickets, and the toll was ended in 1979, and the bridge was never the same as hundreds of thousand of people came out of the woodwork that were either using I-90 or driving around the lake to avoid the toll. If it is enacted, I will be an around-the-laker when I visit my trusted camera repairman.
  22. I Have not checked in this forum for a while. Happy to do so and see a wonderful post by SP. Photo #3 is a wonderful Street's eye view. All of them are well done and composed. SP's comments are helpful in framing the activity of the people and shop windows. Your work reminds me of what Eugene Atget was doing for Paris 110 years ago. And I've developed a respect for these FSU 35mm rangefinders. THe Fed 2 with Industar 10 is my favorite now. Photos posted soon! Such a backlog to scan....
  23. Thanks Mike, Chuck, Keith. These efforts are very interesting and they keep my enthusiasm going. Thank you James for the update. I remember the floating concrete causeway on pontoons across the lake. It looked too severe and so they added a couple of tall fountains at either end. I hope they have not built another concrete causeway to rip through the lake. Russ, welcome back. We missed your posts. look forward to pics from your Feds. sp.

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