Possible light leak in a 2.8GX

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by apostolos_tournas, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Hi,
    The strap all along the right-hand side of the frame, Is that a light leak? The entire neg roll, taken with a 2.8GX, shows such a strap.
  2. Paul,
    I have had a similar problem now and then. In my case it was caused by myself when I was a bit careless with feeding the backing paper onto the take up spool. It was not positioned right in the middle but shifted to one side. That leaves some open space at the other end of the spool and it caused a light leak. It often evened out after a few frames. Could this have happened to you?
  3. To test if its a light leak (I am assuming you mean around the film door) you can put tape (something that will be easly removed without leaving glue) maybe like drafting tape around the door seals. If you shoot film with the seals taped and do not get this then yes it's the seals. But on a camera like that I would think the seals last a very long time?
    This is how I found I had light leaks on my Hasselblad magazines back in the 80s....and which mags leaked.
    Higher speed films have more light leak problems.....and the slower you shoot the rolls also adds to the problem.
    Have fun with that camera......film rules.
  4. Light leaks don't cause dark areas, they cause light areas. You have a lack of density in the dark band on the right. Might be caused by insufficient developer in the tank to cover the film on the reel. Otherwise it is caused by something blocking the light in the camera.
  5. Yes; as Purdy states. I suggest the reel slipped up and out of the developer during development or, put another way, the volume of developer was not great enough to bathe the whole film adequately.
  6. Thanks to all for your comments.
    Purdy and Robin, that's a particularly clever suggestion! I'll check the development step.

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