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    Contax T
    Lens: Carl Zeiss Sonnar 28/3.8
    Aperture 28,4,5.6,8,11,16
    Optical rangefinder
    Focus ring: 1M,1.3M,2M,4M,INFINITY
    Green dot hyperfocus setting F8,2.5M
    Self timer button on top
    ASA auto sensing
    Shutter automatic
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    Olympus XA2
    Scale focus
    Lens Olympus Zuiko 1:3.5 f=35mm
    Manual set ASA 25,50,100,200,400,800
    Self time lever at bottom
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  3. Contax T has a faster lens
    Contax T lens angle wider
  4. Contax T battery
    2 silver oxide LR44

    Minox GTE battery:2 CR1/3N . No holder needed.
  5. MINOX 35ML.jpg
    MINOX 35ML
    Lens: Color Minoctar 1:2.8 35mm
    Aperture 2.8,4,5.6,8,11,16
    Focus stops: 0.9,1,1.2,1.5,2,3,510M,infinity
    Automatic shutter
    Shutter speed scale inside viewfinder
    /// (under) P,30,60,125,250,500,*(over)
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    Rollei 35 S
    Lens: Rollei HFT Sonnar 2.8/40
    To use, pull out,twist right to lock
    To store, press front button on top,left turn lens barrel
    then put in.
    Aperture stops: 2,8,4,5.6,8,11,16,22
    Scale focus stop:0.9,1,1.2,1.5,2,3,6,infinity
    Mechanical shutter: B,2,4,8,15,30,60,125,250,500
    Mechanical shutter: B,2,4,8,15,30,60,125,250,500
    Mechanical shutter B,2,4,8,15,30,60,125,250,500
    Needle exposure meter, power by PX625 battery inside
    Special pressure plate can be open.
    Hot shoe at bottom of camera
    Funper leather case bought separately ROLLEI 35S.JPG
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  7. I am afraid none of the above cameras has a rangefinder. The Olympus XA is a rangefinder but you picked the XA2 instead which isn't a rangefinder.
  8. Yes,most pocket 35mm cameras are viewfinder camera

    The Contax T is a real rangefinder camera, however the baseline is rather short
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  9. ROLLEI 35.JPG
    B+W 30.5mm lens hood with skylight filter,made in Germany
    Lens: Tessar 3.5/40
    BOWER UV filter 24MM Japan
    24mm lens hood
    Aperture stop: 3.5,4,5.6,8,11,16,22
    Shutter stop: B,2,4,8,15,30,60,125,250,500

    Rollei 35 wrist strap
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  10. Most pocket 35mm cameras have viewfinder instead of rangefinder, for good reason
    The baseline for pocket cameras are too short to be accurate. For instance Contax T rangefinder has a
    baseline of 15mm, while Leica M rangefinder baseline
    is 40mm. Hence Contax T rangefinder is less the
    half as accurate as Leica M6

    Further, if you are skillful in using your eyes, God
    has give man a genuine rangefinder

    See the following article

    FEB ARTICLE: How to Make a Rangefinder for Minox cameras.

    Human eyes have a baseline of 80mm, which is twice that of Leica M6, and nearly
    five times more accurate than CONTAX 5

    Therefore , if you are skillful in using your own eyes, then your own eye

    rangefinder is 100% more accurate than Leica M6, 500% more accurate than


    A viewfinder camera by it self has no rangefinder,

    but a viewfinder camera plus a human equals to camera with super accurate

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  11. Contax T rangefinder is about the same as the Olympus XA rangefinder-wise, but the Contax T is better made and I think has a better lens. However the rf on these cameras is not all that useful, as MTC says, so I personally found the Minox 35 the best to use. I dislike the Olympus XAs myself but others seem to like them.
  12. Although I can estimate the distance quite well I have problem setting the distance accurately on the lens. The scales on most cameras are not very finely marked and is not linear makes setting very difficult.
    I have a Nikon Coolpix 5000 which displays the manual focus distance in many steps and in digital values so I actually can manual set the distance very well on this camera.

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