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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by jose_angel, May 3, 2020.

  1. For sure I'm doing something wrong.
    I was looking for some info here in, with no success.
    So I simplified the search to "nikon 70-200"... "No results found"... !?!?

    No results.jpg
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  2. I've never had much success searching directly. Instead I use Google - type "nikon 70-200" into Google and you should find something.
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  3. Thanks John, actually better than directly to pnet.
  4. Additionally, if you want to absolutely limit a Google search to, you can use the "site:" keyword, as in:
    nikon 70-200
    You can further limit searches to just a portion of a site by adding path parts, as in the following, which will search just the forums here:
    nikon 70-200
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  5. Very interesting, thanks! :)
  6. I too have found it often easier to find old posts with search engines other than those here.

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