PMK Pyro and General Question

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by albert_h., Oct 31, 1997.

  1. Will PMK Pyro on TMAX100 and DELTA100 produce any noticable differences compared to ID-11 1-1 or Perceptol 1-1 when using 35mm and 5x7, 8x10 or somewheres around 31/2 by 5?
    Also, some negatives have been coming out darker on some areas then some other areas. Someone please explain that. Am I not agitating enough? Its AgfaAPX100 with Perceptol 1-1. I agitate throughly, every minute or two for thirty seconds.
    OH - Does PMK Pyro have any seperate versions? PMK Pyro I, II, III?
  2. A quick thought is that your comment of ..." every one or two minuites...." sounds rather loose. Set a specific agitation method, specificly during the first one or two mins. This period determines the overall eveness of the negative. Second-- The difference between PMK and ID-11 is like night and day. But then again PMK is not the "magic " developer many think it to be.
  3. For roll film or 35mm, you should agitate with 2 rapid inversions
    every 15 seconds when using PMK. The agitation you describe will
    definately produce uneven development with pyro.

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