PMK development specs for new Delta 400

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by don_canning|2, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. Has anyone developed the new Delta 400 in PMK and if so, what are time and temperature that proved successful? Thanks
  2. Don: I've been developing new Delta 400 (120 format) in regular
    strength PMK in a Paterson System 4 tank for 16 minutes at 70F - gives
    me EI 320 that prints well using my dichroic (diffusion) enlarger on
    Ilford Multigrade at grade 2.


    I agitate using end-over-end inversions with continuous agitation for
    the first 30 seconds followed by 2 inversions every 15 seconds. I use
    a water stop bath for 1 minute, Formulary TF-4 fixer, 2 minute
    after-bath in the used developer, and a 20 minute wash.


    Great combination with plenty of stain, great sharpness, and grain
    that comes close to rivalling that of FP4+/PMK.

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