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  1. I took this picture in 2007 on a back road from the main part of Acadia Park to the Schoodic Peninsula, near Ellsworth, ME. I was intrigued by the unusual architecture, and the fact that it seems to have no door other than a garage door in the back. Does anyone know its history or use?
  2. stable?
  3. I'm no help on this one Don, but it sure is ugly, in a neat sort of way. Looks vaguely Swiss? Does it have cedar shake siding AND brick, AND rock? Looks like it was designed by committee.
    Maybe there is no door. They probably sealed the architect inside to protect the rest of the town.
  4. Don, might try retracing your route and use Google Street View. It might be highlighted as a local attraction.
  5. Is it near the coast? If so then it might be a coastguard station (hence the observation room on top).
  6. I searched for "barn ellsworth maine" on Google. This says it is on Mud Creek Road, Lamoine, ME.

    I found it with iOS Maps. Just north of Partridge Cove Road.
  7. Michael's link says the owner is an arborist, which probably explains his interest in wood buildings and timber frames. I guess not many architects would add the two appendices to the top of the otherwise nice proportions of the lower building, thereby ruining the roofline of the lower structure. But tastes and building functions vary, and even some architects might well design in this way (we certainly see wild and less aesthetic designs in many residential buildings) . Reminds me of the style of the "Renardière" (A unique fox farm observation tower from the early 1900s near Baie-St-Paul in Quebec) which has progressively smaller annexes piled on top of a lower structure.
    Calling it a barn may not be related to its intent. It looks like it is inland somewhat and whether the top level is an observation tower or simply a way of gaining more headroom, or adding rooms, is unknown. Is it a house, a barn, or some other type of building? The owner didn't say when queried, but maybe the Ellsworth town council knows. Maybe not.
  8. Well, thanks to all of you fellow photo.netters. I thought that you'd come up with the answer. If the owner says that it's a barn, a barn it is. The links are from 2008, so my 2007 photo may show a building that was not yet finished or outfitted for its final use. It surely is interesting, though.
  9. I read the description again and it is set beside a hayfield that seems to suggest that Donald's guess of a barn is right. If the designer had kept the gable end roof line of the central part of the lower structure intact and had indented the above (middle) part like that of the top one (rather than running it into the gable end), it might have been more visually appealing.
    The decorations are very interesting and colorful. In my parts, and I'm sure elsewhere, the colorful and artful decoration of barns is a whole field onto itself. Maybe the present barnbuilder had a similar idea.
    Maybe this could be a good subject for W/NW pic series on unusual or intriguing buildings?
  10. I guess you'll just have to come up to Ellsworth this summer and ask around.

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