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  1. Did that photo of Obama change the world or did his election change it?
  2. Actually the photo is of the two women who believe the 'election' represented a change in the world (it was the second four year term). You have to admit though, that there has never, in the history that anyone can say is recorded, have we had the world, especially this country, like it was at some point in times past... so yes the photo of President Obama in the position that he managed for eight years, changed the world. Some might argue for the better, others for the worse... it's an opinion, which everyone is entitled to. When I saw the forum title, this photo, and another that I captured from the 50th Anniversary of the Martin Luther King, Jr. March on Washington, came to mind. This image was a culmination of the MLK, Jr movement all those years ago because, who woulda thunk? (Although some had the faith to believe). And so, this image is my opine to the forum title.
  3. I'm a big fan of Obama and wish he, or someone at least sane, were still president. Nevertheless, I can't agree with you. Obama's election and Obama himself may have changed the world, but neither the newspaper photo of him nor your photo of the two women holding the paper changed the world.

    Even though I'm skeptical of its power to have changed the course of the Vietnam War at the time, I think a much better argument has been made for Ut's photo of the "napalm girl" having changed the world. Because that single picture did affect many people into being horrified by that war. No single picture of Obama helped him win an election or in any way gave the world info about him that was pivotal. A picture of two unknown women holding a newspaper may have great meaning for you, but did not change the world. The photos of Obama are simply a record of a great President.
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  4. Noted.
  5. The picture of Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis riding a tank, certainly did effect that election. That's why they call it "poly-optics".
  6. A single photo might move the world, but only in the sense of giving it a push in a certain direction. The dead body of a immigrant child, on a beach, certainly had a impact in Europe and at the time eased immigration.

    For me, among so many powerful photos depicted ,was the small child, dying of malnutrition holding the hand of a well fed.....

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  7. In a sense the above photo was a world changer, among others. The photo emphasises the joy, of black folk, that one of their own....

    The President of The USA.

    Outside the USA, few folks would have believed, a black man, could ever become the President of the USA.

    Not wishing to talk politics, I think, it is a truism to say, he gave the USA a benign face to the world. Rightly, or wrongly, depending on what side of the political divide you belong.
  8. Also the recent video of George Floyd and other acts though not still pictures, certainly have had far reaching consequences.
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  9. Right.

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