Photo of the Week - #36 - 5/23/22

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by samstevens, May 23, 2022.

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  1. Needs people in my opinion. BTW, I think I can guess the photographer from the style.
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  2. Sanford, my camera work doesn't hold a candle to yours. Having said that,I think that the absence of people in the POTW may very well have an implied storyline. In fact, there may be several stories. So, the absence of people doesn't necessarily constitute a flaw in the image.
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  3. I really like this photo a lot! The dramatic cloud texture and tones are visually attractive and make up an important part of the ''story'. I think the composition is wonderful with the diagonally curved water and hide tide lines and the repeating 'objects'. Notably the two high chairs but (visually) I also include the driftwood in the foreground and the small figure walking in the background in the same ''visual series', I like the way the darker high tide line leads up the the contrasting darker 'wedge' on the right hand side. I also like the contrast between the white chairs and the darker background. The many 'leading lines' in the photo give it great depth.

    The 'story' I read into the photo is that when the weather is cloudy/rainy (sky), the beach is deserted. Some kind of story helps to strengthen the integration between the different elements in the photo. The 'story' makes the photo more than just a 'nice/interesting beach scene'. The photo has - for me - an 'artistic quality' and I can well imagine it being part of a series with similar photos of other beaches.

    Congrats to the photographer on a very fine photo!
  4. I think that this is a lovely photograph that displays a tranquil beach scene, despite the building rain clouds. The composition and colors are just right, although it might also look good in black and white. The small solitary figure on the far right walking down the beach really helps convey the overall mood of tranquility in my mind since I can imagine being that person.
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  5. I get a sense of absence, obviously from the empty lifeguard stations but also from the atmosphere of the scene and the mood of the photo.

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