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  1. Why hasn't the POW thread started? It's very late...where is Maria? OK, well here goes. And yes, I did recover my SD card from that magpie's nest, allowing me to take some pics this week. It was a pretty good week, in fact, but I'll limit myself to the requisite 3 pics. Was that the maximum we had allotted?
    The Wind Tunnel


    A Pavement in New York
    Note: Pavement = side walk.
  2. Interesting sample, Mis! Wind Tunnel makes for a fun scroll but I like the way my system crops "pavement," taking off just a bit of the front tire at the top. I have two. This one was a one of my first shots with the 300mm
  3. I took this during a post-museum snack with my daughter (with her its all about the food all the time.)
  4. The wind tunnel is incredible. Those clouds in the second are menacing. Thanks for sharing.
    I shot more than normal this past week due to the arrival of a new lense. Hope you enjoy these:
    Constructive critique always welcome.
  5. Travis, those are great shots - what lens? Love the colors, especially on the second. And I agree that wind tunnel is spectacular - can I ask what is actually going on there, Mis? I saved one of my sigma mini-wide shots for this post, my favorite. Previous owner planted a glorious patch of strawberries in our front yard, and things are already starting to look good. I got another "new" lens too (I am so off the wagon) but will try to do it justice before posting. "Know thy lens" indeed!
  6. Thanks for starting the thread Mis.. by the way, you should go have a look at the very end of last week's Photo of the week post :) and point it out to Maria! lol. I did not get out much this week, took only a few photos from around here. The wind tunnel and the storm clouds are neat, but I do like the bicycle, and your serendipitous click of the shutter :)
    Dave, the network photo is quite cool. I am not sure where you found the food stuff at the museum.. but it's neat.. would not have crossed my mind to shoot something like that.
    Travis, I kind of like your rusted panel in the second photo
    Nick, I think your strawberry photo will look much better when it is ripe. lol.
    Concerto in Blue
    Hand Print
    Fading Contrails
  7. Javier, that second photo is really really cool.. love the perspective. I take it you were using the 18-250?
  8. Haig
    Thanks. Yes, that was with the 18-250 Tamron. I wish I could take the credit for that image, but my son Daniel took it.
  9. Here is my attempt. Found a mis-labeled Vivitar 100mm 2.8 macro on ebay last week and picked it up relatively cheap. I am new at this, but what a lens. It just seems to make things easy. Could also partially just be getting better with practice. I can't imagine the money I would go through if it was still the film era. Any criticism is welcome. Andy
  10. Wow Miserere. I remember back when I started visiting Photo.Net (a little over half a year ago) and you were this guy who was kind of a mediator when tempers flared or people would go way off topic on this forum. Plus you posted a lot of funny comments. I thought, "that guy's cool" and clicked on your name to see an unassuming picture of some brown plants in the snow. Now, about seven months later, you're batting them out of the park with amazing picture after amazing picture like 'Morning Tears' and this week's offering. All three are fantastic. Dave, "Limited Liability 101" is good but my favorite from yours is "On the Grill". I really like the color in the well-used cooking equipment and the warm highlited focal point of the shredded potatoes in the foreground. That's a great shot. So what is the new lens, Travis? Is it a prime? Macro? Your first shot is great. It's nicely composed being symmetrical but visually interesting on both sides. I like the colors in your second shot. Euclidean Pigeon is nice in and of itself with the architecture but the pigeon on the concrete beam really makes it. I don't know if I would have noticed him if it were not for the title of the photograph. For whatever my advice is worth, I recommend getting some popcorn, throwing it on that beam to lure your model back, and seeing if you can't get an angle that both highlights the cool architecture and the pigeon. As for me, this week stunk for taking photographs. I was out there taking plenty including a cool festival called Planes, Trains and Barbecue in Tavares Florida which should have been ample opportunity for some very cool shots but, there's just one little thing wrong with each one. I like the intimacy of the father and son looking at the Sea Plane in this one but could have done without the tail fin on the right. [​IMG] It was wicked hot and a lot of people were stumbling around the festival being cranky. In a spot of shade under a tree, this group was having a great time drinking and laughing. Once again, the background bites me in the butt with the pontoon boat wrecking the focal point of the circle of people. [​IMG] Finally, I tried to photograph an orange stand but I did it at mid day so the pictures were either bleached out or looked too much like a post card. I did like this one I took of the oranges themselves, though. This is straight off the tree. Not like you find them in a supermarket.
  11. P.S., Everyone who posted since I posted has great shots as well. They just pop up too fast right now to comment on ;-)
  12. Well, maria is right here, feeling pretty out-classed this week! The only time the camera came out was a week ago today (it's still sunday, I haven't been to bed yet) when we got an hours notice of a wedding. Ok, 2.5hrs, and it was right there at our church. Between spending all Tue in the ER w/ my gma, then all Wed at a funeral & burial for friends of a friend (did the young couple dying in a tornado in their car Fri b4 memorial day make the news past KS?) & then taking same gma to follow up doc instead of being @ the zoo w/ the girls..... wow. was that only this past week? sheesh!!! Ok, I'll quit whining and show my 2 fav's from the wedding. Speaking of - I think that wedding set a record for fewest shots ever for me. Hard to take more than about 40 pix when the ceremony is all of 10 minutes!!!
  13. The funniest thing about this wedding - the bride was so happy she was bawling. So her 2 boys see momma crying and start crying themselves. So the rest of us are telling them about how us silly chicks are always crying at everything, and everybody's very happy
  14. PS mis: WOW on the storm clouds. I keep swearing we're going to go chase a storm
    this year. The evening the tornados were close enough we could get to em, I made a
    small effort to talk matt into it, knowing it would be dark by the time we got there.
    Good thing, to. That was the storm that killed our friends. No chasing tornados in the
  15. 2 shot stitched panorama from memorial day weekend.
    Pentax K20D, DR expansion, ISO200, SR+, DA21mm f/11, handheld.
  16. Great pic's all. Mis: The wind tunnel shot is fabulous although the Magpie's love for your Memorycard seems to have sucked all the colour out of it :) Great photo. As for me it's been a slow week since I've been far to busy looking for bargains on the bay to actually go out and take pictures. 5 items should be arriving this week :) I think Hin must have given me something :) Even so, this is a small hommage to one of the all time classics. Cheers Fredrik
  17. Told you it's been a slow week. Great to see others who haven't.
  18. Ahem..

    As in Haven't had a slow week.
  19. Despite having no reaction on my last photos form the park of Swiss artist Bruno Weber I show you again 3 photos made there with a Sigma 24mm wide II lens and the Tamron 90mm macro on the K10D. Greetings to all the Pentaxians and you made really great contributions this week here.
  20. Beside constructing a concrete skulpture park Bruno Weber painted a lot as well.
  21. See yourself in the mirror
  22. Maria, was this a shotgun wedding? 10 minutes? wow. Maybe the groom had a tee time.. You got some nice shots anyhow.<p>Justin, have you been holding out on us? When did you get your mitts on a k20d? <p>Andrew that's a nice lens. <p> Morgan i agree with you about the wing in the first shot.. maybe you can ps it out? <p> Fredrik, sounds like your week was almost as bad as mine. :) <p>Markus, cool paintings, how do you like that lens (Tamron) by the way? The peacock posed perfectly for you!
  23. Hi Haig
    I have two Tamron macro lenses, the old 90mm full metal 49mm filter sized and a newer more plastic constructed 52BB one with a 55mm filter size which is a little lighter but larger. All my Tamron SP series lenses are of high quality and I'm happy that I have 2 of the very rare Tamron Pentax KA adaptall2 (beside the manual K-mount) adapters as well. I often restrict myself to the Pentax A-24mm or sigma and a 90mm Tamron macro as 2 lens setup. (Pentax A50mm macro for 1 lens setup) The older Tamron shares the filter size with my other 50mm Pentax lenses and has a more solid feeling. I got the
    newer Tamron 90mm macro for less than $100 and the Sigma 24mm for less than $60 2 weeks ago so I was lucky with lens buying as well :) The Tamron SP 70-150mm F 2.8 portrait lens is also fantastic on the K10D but heavy so I use it mostly with a Monostat monopod. For 1:1 magnification I use an old wonderful Takumar M42 F4 50mm macro or the 100mm F4 Takumar bellows. Maybe I post some macro comparison photos one day here...
  24. Thanks Markus.. that's a steal for the Tamron 90.. well done!
  25. Great shots everyone! I enjoy Miserere's first shot the best. What's the story?
  26. The new lens that motivated me to get out shooting is a Sigma 28-70 2.8 EX Asph that I picked up on Ebay for a bargain. The damn thing weighs a ton, but I've enjoyed shooting with it so far. The first two shots were taken with the Sigma and Euclidean Pigeon was taken with my FA 28-105 3.2-4.5 which is my normal walk around lens.
  27. travis - now that i've slept a little, that reminds me to tell you I really like your 3 shots
    this week. nice!
  28. I agree about Miserere ...although my light hearted comment a few weeks ago was misunderstood, definitely some great shots and a vast improvement in misereres images on a consistent basis. Seems like a great shot every week now.
  29. @Maria - thanks, glad you like them.

    This is the first time I've posted anything to as I've generally been in awe of the images I've seen posted.
  30. Miserere is definitely firing on all cylinders. And I liked his Brit commentary to boot - magpies, pavement.. lol (a personal goal of mine is to get a really good shot of a magpie. They're everywhere but, they're skittish).

    Looks like everyone is doing well again. Thanks for sharing!
  31. The windtunnel, and all 3 by Travis struck me as very extraordinary . Besides that I very much enjoy this weekly surprise with always all enjoyable pictures.
    But here's something different again, and I'm curious as to what you think of my experimenting.
    I was ムdoingメ glass this week, herewith samples of 3 different styles.

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">
  32. @O Shiva - I like these types of focused studies on lighting and form. They can be really gratifying and really frustrating at the same time, but they usually pay off with some great learning. I really like the minimalism of these.
  33. Bee shots and that of my boys.



    And I have been requesting help in checking if noise are normal with my K10D in iso 400 shots in Noise Samples. Thanks!
  34. These are all outstanding as usual. The wind tunnel evoked a big wow from me of course. Amazing shot!

    Here are some from the weekend...



  35. @ Hin Man: the noise in those images is quite acceptable. I'd be happy with such bees.
  36. Hin, I don't notice any distracting noise in your shots at all. What lens did you use? I went outside to try to capture a piece of flying fuzz...failed miserably though. I've been trying to capture birds in flight and having a very difficult time of it. I was sitting inside the house looking out on my yard and noticed the fuzz from the Cottonwood trees gently falling and figured maybe tracking a piece of falling fuzz would be good practice for capturing flying birds. Let me just say that before I grabbed the camera, the pieces appeared to be falling quite slowly, almost like snow. By the time I got outside, those slow-falling fuzzies were flying by much faster! LOL! This will take a LOT of practice! I did get this itty bitty butterfly though. They are bright blue when their wings are open, but I wasn't able to capture that...*sniff*. Lisa
  37. Mis, I am dying to know the story behind your Wind Tunnel pics! I loved them all, but that one really intrigues me!

    O Shiva, as always, your picture always amaze me! They are alway so very visually interesting!

    Haig, I LOVE the handprint picture!

    Travis, not sure why you're intimidated...I loved the first one!

    Fredrik, your Shadowplay is my favorite!

    Justin, great job on the stitch! Fabulous panoramic shot! My stitches never look that good...

    Todd, the color in your photos is beautiful! #3 almost looks fake!

    Maria, in spite of having little time to get many shots (or much sleep), you still did a great job!

    Javier, I like #2 best too! Tell your son great job!

    And Nick, my favorite part is that the berries are NOT red but parts of the stem are! If only there were a few drops of dew on those berries! LOL!

    Now, Dave, I gotta tell ya...that pot and greasy backsplash does NOT make me want to eat the food outta that kitchen, but I still like the picture! It's probably a good thing I don't see all the kitchens of the restaurants at which I eat...I am curious what lens you used though.

  38. @Alisa, @Shiva: thanks for the comments. Mis went over my originals and noted the noise being normal. And I may have worsened the noise in sharpening in Picasa -- my software to be replaced by Lightroom, hopefully in the near future.

    And I have been shooting with Tamron 70-300 Di LD + K10D in jpg in ISO 400 as I want to test out on noise in my K10D which I find more presence of noise as compared to K100D and I need more powerful tool not to aggravate the noise in post processing with sharpening and others.

    another shot with Tamron 70-300 Di LD
    this one, I see the sucking from the bee
    Thanks everyone!
  39. @ Alisa - Funny thing, I was on my way home from work and there is a giant cottonwood tree next to the light that I sit at for 20 minutes. As I sat there watching it shed fuzz balls through my sunroof, I pondered the best way to photograph such an experience. My answer was Stereographically (3D). Unfortunately, with all the excitement of last week (and this week), I don't think I'll get the chance to prove my theory this year. I tried something similar with some bubbles at a wedding a couple weeks ago, but my convergence was off a bit...
  40. I've been playing with 3D stuff a lot lately, but it doesn't translate to the internet very well. My dad and I are used to looking at two separate images and forcing our eyes to focus on each image independently to see the 3D effect. Most people can't do this well, so we include a victorian style viewer with our 3D packages...
  41. @mis - regarding the 'pavement' shot... What did the other half of that gal look like? I
    think you were out taking 'girls on the street' shots, but had to include distractions to
    make your wife think you were doing something 'artistic'... :p
  42. Just a little furry friend, but he liked kind of cute with a glint in his eye.
  43. One more thing @Alisa - "...good thing I don't see all the kitchens of the restaurants at which I eat..."
    I take it you are not a Waffle House fan?
  44. Thanks to everyone for your kind words; trying to please you guys keeps me going :) As I started the thread, I feel a moral obligation to comment on what's been posted so far, so get ready for a long post.

    Wind Tunnel story: Why doesn't anyone believe anything I say? If I say it's a wind tunnel, then that's what it is, what's so difficult about that? Oh it's the ceiling above the cafeteria and store area at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. You can take pictures throughout the museum, except in the temporary exhibits, and it's a great place to shoot. I got so many keepers just walking around, but this one was definitely my favourite. They have 3 guys whose job it is to just hang from wires all day long, but I could only fit 2 of them in the frame. I was talking to one when he took his lunch break and apparently the pay quite well.

    I'm surprised nobody asked me about the title for Caffrey's... Maybe everyone got it? I'll have to be more obscure next time. I wonder if Rose has any photos of this storm; it hit Boston last Wednesday, I think.

    Dave: you might very well be correct in your crop judgement on "A Pavement in New York". The problem is that when I came upon this poor bicycle I got the idea for the photo, so I crouched down and composed carefully so the bicycle, lampost and street were *exactly* the way I wanted them. Then I waited for someone to walk by...which took about a minute and my legs were getting numb. When taking a shot like this, I find it difficult afterwards to let go of my initial plans. When I come to terms with this, I will probably chop a chunk off the top. Thanks for pointing it out!

    As for your pics, I remember being 12 (isn't that your daughter's age?) and *always* being hungry, so I sympathise with her. I love "Secured Network"! Did you make it that dark on purpose?

    Travis: What took you so long? Those photos are only your 2nd post on the forum, and I love them, especially the first. I really like abstracts, and I can see from your Flickr page that you're an expert; please post more often. My comment for your 3rd shot would be to increase the contrast (Warning! Miserere is a known, registered contrast junkie. Take his advice at your peril.)

    Nick: What camera are you using? I think you have a problem with the white balance, strawberries are red! (Violets are blue, this was a joke, I hope you laughed too.) If you're going to fall off the wagon, do it in style, I say.

    Javier: You went from one extreme to the other when sizing photos :) I like the first one, I expect a duck to come sliding down any minute.

    Haig: Yes, you caught *the* magpie strutting around pretending not to know anything about my memory card. Maria, go take a look! As for your pics this week, my fave is the piano, and not just because I live in it.

    Andrew: Mislabelled lenses are the holy grail of eBay, good for you! My advice, get that lens closer to the plant! It's a macro for good reason.

    Morgan: Thank you for your compliments, much appreciated! Ah yes, the days when I tried to mediate the "discussions" between Justin and Lindy. I had to give up on that, Morgan. I turned to herding cats instead, it's a lot easier. But hey, are you saying I'm no longer funny!? [Rushes off to grab a copy of "The Jumbo Book of Internet Jokes"] As for your pics, I like the oranges, but for some reason I keep turning my head; my brain wants to see them rotated 90 degrees to the right. The 2nd shot is awesome, pontoon boat or not; I didn't really notice it until you pointed it out. I love how you've exposed for the shade, throwing the river and sky out with the highlights. It's one of those things you're probably not meant to do, and yet if you hadn't, this shot just wouldn't have been as grand.

    Maria: sorry to hear about all your hospital visits and your friends lost to the tornado; I'm afraid I didn't hear that piece of news. I'm always in awe of how cheerful you come across, considering all the stress you must endure on a weekly basis. You're a great lady! And not a bad photographer, either ;-) Good job on that drive-by wedding, the bride *does* look happy. But please, no tornado chasing, OK?

    Justin: Where's Caney!? Don't take this the wrong way, but your wife doesn't quite do the yearning-stare-into-the-vastness-of-the-world-and-my-life as well as Caney does. Beautiful panorama, otherwise. As for the photo set-up, I think you forgot to mention what socks you were wearing. "...although my light hearted comment a few weeks ago was misunderstood", by whom? Not me!

    Fredrik: I like the old man, but I'm afraid I don't know who it's an homage to.

    Markus: Love the peacock! What a show-off. Is the hen ignoring him? I like the contrast of the tail with the arches in the background.

    O Shiva: I think I see what you're trying to accomplish in the 3rd one, but maybe a straight B&W would be better. The 2nd one has a great gradient in the background, but the glass isn't saying much to me. The 1st one, however, man, that's precious. The silhouette, the lighting on the sides, the roughness of the upper edges...It's beautiful! A request from me: Translate your webpage into English!

    Hin: Noise or no noise, the bee shots are outstanding And good to see your kid again, I think it's been a while. Is this the youngest or eldest? Back to noise, most people say the K10D is worse in that respect than the K100D, so maybe you've just been spoilt :) The bee in your 2nd post is my fave.

    Todd: Pic #1 is my fave; #3 and #4 are also cool, but #1 just has something special about it. OK, I'm going to say it: Have you tried converting it to B&W with an orange filter...?

    Alisa: "Itty Bitty Blue Butterfly" is a beauty, and I actually feel the blue of the wings would have broken the harmony of the muted tones in this shot, so I think it was a good thing it didn't flap its wings. The composition, whether coincidental or not, is just icing on the cake.

    Matt: Does Maria know you don't converge...? Soap bubbles are tough to photograph. If that darn magpie hadn't stolen my SD card, I would have posted a bubbles shot last week. Oh well... Love the Victorian viewer, I bet there aren't many wedding photogs that offer that. And are you saying it's actually legal to take shots of pretty girls on the street!?!? :-o I had no idea!

    Bob: Now that is one cute squirrel posing for you :-D

    Phew...I made it! Now I'll go put my fingers in ice. Please excuse me!
  45. Wow--Pentaxians rule!

    @ Mis: I know what you mean about crouching the bad news is that it gets worse with age. "Secured Network" is dark because it was a night shot--I just couldn't wait to play with the new lens and didn't see the spiderweb til I got it on the pc.

    @ Alisa Trust me: you definitely DO want to eat there--really terrific food. This was in the middle of a busy day so a little splatter is excusable. I really wanted to photograph the cook who was black, beautiful and cranking out great stuff (hash browns to tempura) to beat the band but I'm a bit shy about sticking a camera in busy peoples faces. The lens was the Sigma 24-60mm f2.8 EX which I'm liking a lot.
  46. @Mis, you are a kind soul. Your black & white always carry a mystery of wonderful story behind. The wind tunnel is excellent and intriguing shot. What lens you have used! I still remember the photo of your wife's shoulder and that of the leaves' shot in b&w from last week. I forget to ask what tool you used for post processing. And thanks for all the help with my noise checking.

    @Shiva, can you tell me what software you use for your post processing? I love the simple but elegant style of photos from Mis and you.

    @Todd, I especially love the last photo, she is so pretty with that smile.

    @Haig, I love the piano shot's reflection. Colorful reflection in the black.
  47. @Mis, thanks.. and great comments on everyone's photos.. Maybe we should get you to start the POW every week? <grin>
  48. Yeah, I agree with Mis about the NO TORNADO CHASING thing, M&M! When that wind comes sweeping down the plains in a rotating fashion, better to be far, far away! LOL! Seriously, it's been all over the news about wanna-be storm-chasers getting caught out in severe storms and how dangerous it is! Please keep yourselves safe...your Pentaxian friends would miss you so! And I do hope your grandmother is feeling better!
  49. "Markus: Love the peacock! What a show-off. Is the hen ignoring him? " ...Mis I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing...guy shows off, girl ignores it...LOL! I thought I made comment about that, sorry for missing you Markus! I thought that was a great catch! And Bob, your squirrel is GREAT! "I take it you are not a Waffle House fan?"...well, the only time I go there is when my children drag me there, so I guess I could be described as "not a big fan." It always smells like yummy coffee though, so it's got that going for it.
  50. Hin, thanks for remembering that photo of my wife, I really like it too. For Wind Tunnel I used the FA 50mm f/1.4, as it's the fastest lens I own and the only one I can use in a dim museum. The other two were taken using a lens you know well, the Tokina 28-70mm f/2.8-4.3. In fact, I bought this lens because of your posts about it :) I appreciate your comments on my B&W; I love monochrome and duo/tritone photos, and I'm working hard at improving my "dark room" skills so I can create the images I see in my head.

    As for software, I use Adobe Camera RAW CS3. Back when I shot jpegs I used Photoshop a lot, for the Curves and Levels mostly. Now that I shoot RAW I find I can do just about everything I need with ACR, and do it a lot quicker too. The only times I go to Photoshop are when I want to resize for the web or I want to work in LAB colour. ACR, or something like it, comes bundled with Lightroom, so you'll be able to take advantage of it. Oh, and now ACR can also work on jpegs, so you don't even have to shoot RAW to enjoy the workflow benefits.
  51. Alisa, yes, that's the life of the male of any species ;-) Lord knows how or why my wife noticed me...
  52. ok, we can't call this the pentax forum without a cat posting :)
  53. and with mommy
  54. and finally ...
  55. Oh, I LOVE the babies! So precious! Mom's eyes are amazing! How many in the litter? I was wondering when we'd see one of your kitty pics!
    You did not disappoint!

  56. For Mis: Orange filter sounds good to me! :) How would you do it? First I tried it in Gimp using the original and just colorified it to #FF6600. In Picasa I effected it with b&w and tint and guessed an orange, using the already tweaked picasa copy. Top is gimp, bottom is picasa:
  57. Mis

    I was going for E. Hemingway's "Old man and the sea". There's a see-saw right beside the bench, but the old bugger refused to cooperate. Would have made the point somewhat clearer though.


    I thought the stereoscope was for eary 1920's Parisienne burlesque only :) At least until Disney hi-jacked the idea. I love the concept of 3d imaging, and the victorian viewer is very nice.


    Sharpening in Picasa will cause digital noise. The k10d usually needs some pp-sharpening and Picasa wrecks the images, so that explains the noise you're seeing. Lightroom is great, congrats.


    Your portraits are great as always. I remember one that blew me away a couple of weeks ago.


    Your glass work is great, especially the first. You did some shots of an Alvar Aalto vase a while back that were stunning and your pp-ing ;-) is really great.
  58. Todd

    Seeing that Mis is admitting to having a contrast fetish, converting to B&W with an orange (or red or yellow) filter will increase the contrast in B&W. (Not make your photos orange/yellow/red )

    With B&W film a yellow filter on the lens really enhances the dynamics of the photo. Orange and red even more so.

    Green is also excellent if skin tones are to be enhanced.

    I've never used filter with digital for some reason. GOD, even more things to buy :) Or I can just learn PS.


  59. So with an orange filter converted in PS to B&W it would look something like this.
  60. Alisa, there are 4 babies, and they're all loves. The mother is a rescued cat - a few months ago, my neighbor heard her crying outside, it was cold - about 30 F - and Lynn has a soft spot for all things cat - so she went out, and brought the girl in. I met her a month later - she's been kept in seclusion, because Lynn didn't want to risk that she'd have any diseases that would spread to her own cats.

    I was invited in to meet her, and one touch and I knew she was pregnant. May 31st, 2 white kits, and 2 black ones came into the world.

    I got the chance to photo them last night after work - and, am excited to have an opportunity to know such young creatures. They'll make for some LOVELY photo ops. :) - as well, that I'm also into Cats - like Lynn, I guess.

    Fredrik, I like the edits/BW effect - the child's eyes really pop in it - more than in the colored versions.
  61. @ miserere : that dutch website has nothing to do with photography (it's about aid and self-development in Surinam)

    @hin man : I work mostly with CS3. The trick with the glass is very simple: over-expose the picture (while making and after), some white-balance and contrast towards minimalism, then I burn the remaining through midtones and shadow. Is all. That first one was aftewrds inverted, by the way.

    @ Fredrik : so I have an Alvar Aalto vase ? Didn't know that :)) In holland it's considered rather kitsch.
  62. Well that certainly makes more sense Fredrik! :) and that certainly does look good! i was just comparing your example with the same image simply converted to grayscale in gimp, and there is definitely more contrast.. Thanks for the lesson!
  63. Todd: Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear enough. I meant exactly what Fredrik said, but I forgot that not everyone uses Photoshop or similar software. Or maybe not everyone is a B&W nerd like me :) I requested an orange filter, versus a green one, because I wanted the foliage in the background to be darker than this pretty girl; but not *really* dark, as it probably would have been had a red filter been used. In the old days you had to use B&W film and a real colour filter on the lens; now you can shoot normally and simulate the effect later on the computer. How can you not love digital!?

    Rose: Cats are to Rose as ducks are to Javier. But I have to say, those teeny-weeny baby cats are way cuter than the ducks, especially black beauty.
  64. Mis! You shoot pentax - we'll make a cat lover out of you any day now. :) ... If I post enough pics of these little darlings - you may even want to take one home.
  65. Hey Mis, will you like the photo as much if I tell you that pretty girl is a friend's son? :-D

    He has a twin brother too... I won't tell him you said he is a pretty girl... He might hunt you down. ;-)
  66. Todd,

    I am a Picasa Junkie, let me try the post processing. I used Picasa Filterd B&W on green channel for the noise and I ran neat image, and then sepia again


  67. Todd...woops! (where's the blushing icon?) I think the hair threw me off. Young earthlings are hard to differentiate for us legal aliens...
  68. Mis, you are not the only one. I too thought it was a girl picture with beautiful eyes. His eyes, the framing from Todd, make it a unique picture that shows the face of a lovely kid.
  69. Mis - don't feel bad - I almost wrote the word girl too - but then decided the word 'child' sounded better. Yes, it's that beautiful curly hair - a mother's dream for her daughters. They're wasted on a boy. :)
  70. I don't know about that curly hair stuff Rose.. Every woman I ever dated who had curly hair spent hundreds of $$ straightening it out..and vice versa. Maybe it's only their mothers that like it :) Very cute kitties by the way.. especially the black one.. Umm.. why is it that we have to have kitty photos because it's a Pentax forum?
    That's a couple of great portraits Todd.. with or without all that red and green and orange stuff :)
  71. Hin Man, I like your picasa results. I obviously don't pay enough attention because I didn't even notice the 'filtered B&W' option until you mentioned it, and I still can't find the "neat image" option...
  72. Hello there folks. First time pic post for me. I'm not really sure about the rules for photo of the week. I'm assuming pics were shot on the week ending on June 1 so here goes-

    An IR composite shot taken at Manila Bay last Sunday (aroundsunset)-
    Two more IR shots taken last Saturday - May 31.

    All were shot using my trusty old DS+Kit lens+Hoya R72 IR filter combo.

  73. I like the infra red shots Nols! I think they came out superb. We haven't had too many of those posted here in the forum.
  74. Todd

    Neat image is a noise reduction program (or plug in). It's not included in Picasa. Hin managed to get great results BTW, I personally dislike Picasa for PP, too crude and rude, especially the sharpening feature. Great for browsing pictures and organizing though.


    Welcome!! Great IR's. I love the way green turns white and the effect is cool.

  75. O Shiva

    Certainly looked like one, and I believe it's considered kitsch everywhere :) Nothing wrong with good kitsch.

  76. Todd,

    I am glad you like the Picasa results. As Fredrik has mentioned, the neat image is a separate program and I use it to reduce noise in you iso 3200 shot. Once I ran the neat image on your photo. I usually don't use Neat Image but I use it for the need of ISO 3200 and I want to try a smoother tone on the kid's face. I roughly do the following:

    1. Run through neat image on the original

    2. Effect for Filtered B&W in Picasa

    sometime I simply try out the B&W conversion. But I use the filtered B&W and pick on green and yellow in the color channel picker for a better skin tone. I use the green channel usually for coping with noise and better skin tone in b&w.

    3. Adjust shadow and lighting

    This is important in Picasa as I always go to the tunning section to adjust shadow, lighting, highlight to bring out the contrast in a b&w conversion

    3. Weird step to add noise

    As Fredrik has mentioned, Picasa is notorious in the Effect -> Sharpening feature but I sometime use it to my advantage in b&w conversion. I only use it occasionally when I want to add character to b&w picture. By sharpening with one click, the effect usually add noise to a picture, which is pleasant for b&w picture adding a film like grain. Two clicks will over-sharpen the picture with unpleasant artifacts For your picture, I don't do sharpening as your picture already has a good texture of noise on the background. Having noise in a b&w picture can be a pleasant surprise especially in b&w.
  77. @Haig, Fredrik - Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked them. Now if I can only figure out how to have my images show up in my posts. :)

  78. Great shots everyone. Haig the "Boston" piano really caught my attention. That is my favorite this week. Here's a couple of photos from me folks:
  79. Meet Officer Townshend....
  80. Thanks Duane.. it was one of those spur of the moments while I was visiting some friends :)
  81. Lorenzo/Nols... WOW. freaky cool looking. What city skyline is that? And for your
    pics to show up: always give them a caption
  82. Thanks Maria. The first shot was taken along Manila Bay around sunset. I'll see if I can have my pic post right next time.


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