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Discussion in 'Sports' started by dean_mcmaster, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Dose anyone have any good suggestions where I can promote a Photo Contest?
  2. What is the purpose of the contest? Who does it benefit, and what rights to the entrants retain vs. what are they giving up in order to participate?
  3. The primary goal is to create a platform to share untold stories with the hope of helping inspire and motivate the masses. We are searching for content to help promote, celebrate and create awareness around how sport creates a positive impact within both the individual and the community.

    The content will be featured on the corporate Facebook page /bigkahunasport with all rights and recognition given to the photographers and or studios involved.

    We are giving away $500 Cash for the top liked image and $500 Cash for the top liked Video on our facebook page.
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    Promote it on Facebook.
  5. Thanks for the feedback Jeff. Are you referring to paid advertising on Facebook with targeted marketing, age location, likes etc?
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    The cost of paid advertising is often too high for the rewards. What works better, and we have used in a corporate push, is to regularly post interesting content for what you are trying to promote, in this case, your contest. So maybe you pick four or five interesting photos to post each day and post them at three hour intervals. Use the best ones coming in from the contest or some you have rights to publish from somewhere else. The more interesting they are, the more they will get shared. Make sure that the content info is posted with the photos. Also have friends and family, and people from the company, share them as soon as they go up.
  7. Thanks again Jeff! We are currently doing that on our Facebook page yet are certainly falling short on possible re-shares.

    Do you know of any photo contest specific websites or forms that would allow me to post contest details to?

    I was going to post the contest details here but do not want to lose any trust or break and site rules.
  8. On April 21st, PhotoNet member Eric Freed posted this link that might be helpful.

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