Phone Phriday - Sep 22

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  1. Happy Phriday everyone! Last week I was in Ecuador, and though I brought my Sony a7 with me I ended up just using my phone the whole time. It's kind of crazy that I never really felt limited by it...

  2. Two flower vases my grandmother brought from Irish Free State when family emigrated to America. Google Pixel XL with Oreo 8.00 IMG_20170915_111851-picsay.jpg
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  3. A few pictures taken with my Moto G4 in China.

    JiaYu Pass.jpg

    JiaYu Pass, the gate at western end of Great Wall.
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  4. The ShaoLin Temple.
    ShaoLin Temple.jpg
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  5. LongMen Grottoes.
    LongMen Grottoes.jpg
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