Perceptol keeping properties

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  1. How long would you say an unopened pouch and box of Perceptol will keep, stored at room

  2. Quite likely years. If the powder is free-flowing, it'll probably be OK.
  3. No more than two years. I had old Xtol than worked fine initially. A week later all the prints needed grade 4.

    When in doubt, throw it out.
  4. I have some old perceptol in the small white boxes I need to test. I agree that if the developer isnlt caked up in the pouches it's probably still good. This is a metol developer so if it's really shot it will look brown when you mix it up.
  5. As far as I'm concerned, shelf life with powder-based developers should be reckoned according to the following:

    1) Powder packages should not be used after the expiration date, or if not marked with an expiration date, more than two years after purchase (I think Ron's advice for Perceptol is perfect).
    2) Stock solutions should be decanted into smaller, airtight containers, and the containers should be filled to the top. Ideally, they should be made of amber glass.
    3) Once re-opened, any container of stock solution should be used in its entirety (in other words, do not plan on using a partially-filled container for any length of time
    4) Never plan on keeping any container of stock solution for more than 4-6 months after mixing it
    5) If you are not certain about the storage conditions that your powder package or stock solution has been subjected to - then I would highly advise using a test roll before developing anything important.
  6. Perceptol in unopened box/pouch could be kept indefinitely (this is what the box says)
  7. Al, all good advice but not always practical for hobbyist users who want a life. I have pre-mixed working stock solutions of Xtol, Perceptol, D-76 and Microdol-X in 1000ml amber bottles, used perhaps half or 1/3, re-stopped it (without marbles) and then used more later without any problems. I rarely let a bottle go more then say 3-4 months this way before using it up, and I've never noticed any problems. One issue may be I live in the relatively mild San Francisco bay area (perhaps a factor?) and have little temp swings. But keeping around tiny bottles, or using marbles, or collapsible bottles, just is not all the feasible for me.

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